FieldLogix Announces the Commercial Availability of Goose

Goose_by_FLX_decalFieldLogix is announcing our newest mobile application, Goose! The revolutionary software is a new tool to help dispatchers dispatch routes much more efficiently.  With Goose, dispatchers can optimize their drivers’ routes and communicate with them throughout the day. Along with optimized routes the drivers receive their job details, and navigation instructions all on their iPhone.  Goose also notifies the company’s clients of the drivers impending ETA to ensure that they are ready for the driver’s arrival.

“Goose provides an better experience for the clients of delivery and service companies. Rather than waiting around for a 4-hour time window, a company’s clients now have accurate ETA’s for driver arrivals. Drivers will also have more productive time in the field, allowing them to get home to their families in a timely manner. Dispatchers also benefit by properly planning their drivers’ routes and reducing phone chatter. Goose is a leap into the future of GPS fleet management!”

Goose also aims to be a driver’s wingman on the road. The application allows drivers to complete more jobs, improves routing decisions, reduces fuel expenses, and improves communication.

Visit to learn more about Goose and request a free trial!

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