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According to the EPA, 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from the transportation sector.  Within this sector, fleet vehicles are among the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions.  Organizations that take action to curb fleet vehicle emissions will also see an immediate benefit in the form of lower fuel expenses. As a fleet operator, you can significantly improve your fleet’s sustainability by making simple changes to driver behavior.

FieldLogix offers a very rich set of sustainability management capabilities that are centered around improving driver behavior.  Changes in driver behavior such as a reduction in idling and speeding can reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions significantly.  We offer various tools to help you manage and eliminate these wasteful driving habits.

Fleet Sustainability Scorecard

fleet sustainability scorecard

Our fleet sustainability scorecard ranks your best performing and worst performing drivers for driving behaviors such as excessive idling and speeding.  We rank your drivers, give them a “green score”, and show you how much fuel is being wasted due to their inefficient driving habits.  Fleets use the scorecard to run internal competitions designed to improve driving behavior.

Trends Report

trends report

Our Trends Report shows you how your drivers compare to each other when it comes to sustainable driving practices. Many of our fleet customers use this report during periodic employee reviews to coach their drivers to eliminate wasteful driving habits.

Fleet Projections

fleet projections

Our projections report displays the future projections if the historical results continue to following the existing trends. This can be used to predict the future impact from improvements in driving behavior.

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Idling Reports

idling report

We offer various reports that display individual idling events as well as total idling time over an extended time period.  These reports can be used to cite specific examples of idling events when coaching drivers as well as for monitoring idling time over the prior quarter or year. 

Excessive Idling Alerts

idle alert

You can manage idling events by exception by setting up idle time alerts.  Simply define the maximum allowed idle time and the system will alert you if any of your vehicles idle longer than the amount of time you specify.  This will provide you with instant alerts when the vehicles violate your idling rules so action can be taken immediately to address them.

Idling Benchmarks

idling benchmarks

Our idling benchmarks report shows you how your fleet compares to your peers when it comes to idling time.  This helps you compare your drivers’ idling times to other fleets who operate in a similar climate and industry to determine if your fleet’s idling is better or worse than your peers.

rlh fire

“I began utilizing the FieldLogix reports when I started in my role…this would explain the downward idling trend.”

– Eric @ RLH Fire Protection

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