Fleet Courier Tracking Benefits

Reduce route planning time, improve sustainability, & improve your customers’ experience


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Since 2002, our fleet courier tracking solution has been helping courier and 3PL logistics companies reduce improve route efficiency, improve sustainability, and improve customer service. Our courier and logistics software solution will also help you save hours in route planning and improve driver safety.

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Improve Route Planning

Our software can help you build optimal routes in a matter of minutes. Many of our users have saved over 8 hours of administrative time per week by using our route planning and optimization features.

  • Build & save optimal routes
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Modify routes mid-shift
  • View status of all stops in route
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    Improve Client Experience

    Improve your customers’ experience with our Goose mobile app and stand out from the competition.  Studies have shown that customers are more loyal and spend more money with companies when they have a positive experience with them.

  • Send drivers details for all deliveries
  • Drivers get real-time traffic alerts
  • Use Google, Waze, or Apple maps to navigate to stops
  • Send ETA’s to your customers when drivers are in-route
  • Customers give feedback on your driver’s performance
  • Customers receive a picture of their driver
  • courier driver messaging

    Improve Driver Communications

    Use FieldLogix to easily communicate with all of your drivers to reduce phone chatter.  We keep a history of all correspondence between your dispatcher and drivers to give you an audit trail if you ever need to review your communications.

  • Two-way text messaging from web portal
  • Text individual drivers
  • Text groups of drivers
  • Broadcast messages to entire fleet
  • Report shows all historical messages
  • courier fleet safety tracking

    Improve Courier Fleet Safety

    Delivery vehicles often travel through highly populated areas and are always at risk of being involved in an accident.  In order to protect your business, you need tools to monitor driver behavior to ensure that they are always driving safety.  Our fleet courier tracking system can help you stay on top of fleet safety to ensure that you manage your risks.

  • A.I.-powered Crash Risk report
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Posted speed violation alerts
  • Dash cameras
  • Distracted driver monitoring
  • Crash event recording
  • courier fleet dtc codes

    Improve Fleet Health

    We will monitor the health of your vehicles to ensure that they remain on the road and out of the shop. You can schedule preventative maintenance reminders and receive alerts when your vehicles detect engine problems. According to Automotive Fleet, a breakdown can cost you up to $634 per day.

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts
  • Preventative maintenance reminders
  • Vehicle inspections app
  • MPG monitoring
  • Battery & fuel level monitoring
  • “Before Goose, it took our shipment manager 8-16 hours each week to create delivery routes!” – Roger @ Fresh & Fit Meals

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