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FieldLogix’s medical delivery tracking system has helped improve efficiency and compliance for thousands of fleets throughout North America. Our customers find that FieldLogix helps them streamline dispatching, improve customer satisfaction, and improve legal compliance. Nationwide companies such as Trane save thousands of dollars with our award-winning solution.

medical delivery tracking

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Stay on top of the locations and statuses of all of your medical delivery vehicles with real-time tracking. You can determine each driver’s distance from your clients in order to make better dispatch decisions.

  • Real-time location updates
  • Google street view mode
  • Satellite view mode
  • Search closest vehicle to jobs
  • Maps auto-refresh
  • medical delivery routing

    Improve Dispatching

    Use our optional dispatching features to send jobs to your medical delivery drivers. View your drivers’ statuses in real-time as they complete their deliveries and update their routes as your work changes throughout the day.

  • Build & optimize routes
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers’ smartphones
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to deliveries
  • View job statuses (pending, active, complete) in real-time
  • 2 way text communications with individual or all drivers
  • geo fence medical delivery tracking

    Medical Delivery Zones Tracking

    We have multiple tools that allow you to better supervise your drivers’ activities. You can use FieldLogix to ensure that your drivers are operating within their designated delivery areas.

  • Alerts if they leave delivery areas
  • Alerts when they arrive at delivery locations
  • Alerts if they enter restricted areas
  • Alerts if they violate shifts
  • medical delivery tracking eta's

    Improve Client Satisfaction

    According to a study conducted by Aberdeen, utilizing GPS technology leads to a 23% increase in deliveries. Our medical delivery tracking system is very unique because it gives you the ability to send your waiting clients ETA’s and collect feedback on their level of satisfaction with your service.

  • Dispatch calls to closest drivers
  • ETA’s to waiting clients
  • Client feedback on driver’s performance
  • Increase on-time arrivals with turn by turn directions
  • Report for all client site visits
  • medical delivery proof of service

    Proof of Delivery

    With the risk of loss and theft, it is critical to ensure that your orders are delivered to the right people at the right time. We give your drivers the ability to capture proof of service records to ensure that there are no disputes in the future.

  • Save pictures of delivered orders
  • Save client signatures
  • Scan product bar codes
  • Add driver’s notes for delivery
  • Send receipts to clients
  • dash camera medical delivery

    Improve Cargo Security

    Dash cameras give you the ability to monitor inside the cab of your delivery vehicles as well as the road.   They can also record any theft of your medical delivery vehicles when they are parked.

  • Real-time streaming
  • Continuous in-cab and road video recording
  • Panic button for drivers in unsafe situations
  • Records in-cab motion when vehicle is parked
  • Option for cargo-facing camera
  • Multiple exterior camera options
  • “FieldLogix makes my life easier!” – Roger @ Fresh & Fit


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