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The windows were down, a cool ocean breeze was blowing, and Toby Keith was on the radio.

Normally, this would put Robby in a great mood, but not today. He had just passed one of his work trucks towing a boat. He was so tired of drivers using fleet vehicles for personal use and feared it would end up costing him his job as a fleet manager.

He decided to give the employee the benefit of the doubt and gave him a call to see if there was a sensible explanation. What ensued was far from sensible…

“…but I’m taking the boat out with work friends!”

Personal use of company vehicles is a problem that occurs all too frequently.   In addition to increased wear and tear on your vehicle, it also presents a major legal liability for your organization should the vehicle be involved in an accident during off hours.

FieldLogix can show you…

Unauthorized after hours vehicle use

We can alert you if your vehicle is being driven outside of normal work hours.  It gives you a way to catch an employee using your vehicle for personal errands before they cost you money.

Visits to unauthorized locations

See when they go home during their shift, take their kids to soccer practice, or if they drive your vehicle to the local bar or other places that you don’t want them to travel to.

According to Fleet Financials, 16% of a fleet vehicle’s mileage is related to personal vehicle use.  This is unfair to you, unsafe for the community, and a major risk to your organization’s reputation.

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“With your system I already caught one of my guys using a truck for his personal use” – John Reno @ Twin Cities Garage Doors

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