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New Dispatching Features



Updated Route Builder

We combined the route builder into the dispatch view, and now all routes are managed on one screen. Making it quicker and easier to plan your drivers’ workday.

Traffic Predictions

Our Route optimization feature now includes predictive traffic. It will forecast travel times between stops based on the location and time of day. Significantly improving route planning in congested cities!

Stop & Travel Times

You now can input stop durations and view travel times. Now you can more accurately predict the amount of time it will take your drivers to complete all of their jobs for the day and reduce overtime costs.

Route Scheduling

Schedule routes for dispatching in the future! Now you can set-up routes days in advance and not have to worry about sending routes the night before.

Gantt View

Display the current route in a Gantt chart that shows your drivers’ workday current status and timelines. A much better way to visualize the time it takes to complete their workday and their current status.

Add Breaks

You can add breaks to the drivers’ routes, which helps you estimate total work hours.

Stop Editing

Edit scheduled and dispatched stops.  More flexibility when modifying the drivers’ workday due to changes.

Drag & Drop

Modifying routes just became easier; you can now drag and drop the stops to re-arrange them.

More Colors

We’ve added five more icon colors for your Goose drivers to help you segment your drivers better.


New Time-Clock Features

Edit Time-Clock Records

Users with the appropriate permissions can now edit time-clock records for drivers. If drivers forget to clock in or out, the administrator can make adjustments to the record. We can even display an audit log of the user who made the change and the old values for auditing purposes.

Create Time-Clock Records

Users with the appropriate permissions can now create new and edit timecard records for drivers; this is useful if your administrators require any manual time-clock entries. We have a visual indicator to flag records created by your administrators and display an audit log of the user that created the records.

New Settings

More Driver Data

Add your drivers’ home addresses, service area, skills, certifications, pictures, and enable or disable mobile features through our web app.

Landmark Categories

Create different categories for your landmarks for better segmentation of the map.

Enhanced Messaging

Persistent Two-way Messaging

We moved our messaging functionality to the top of all pages within the web app. You can now read inbound and send outbound messages from any page within the website.

COVID Safeguards


Prevent the Spread

Drivers can start and end their day at home, eliminating potential exposure and maintaining “touchless” operations.

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