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FieldLogix offers a rich set of capabilities to improve the safety of your fleet


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According to Construction Equipment Magazine, the average accident costs fleets $16,500 and it increases to $500,000 if a fatality occurs.  There are many cases where companies were forced to pay out millions of dollars in settlements for negligent driver behavior.  These types of judgements are one of the single largest contributors to company bankruptcies.  

FieldLogix offers a very rich set of safety management capabilities, which will significantly improve your drivers’ behavior and reduce accidents.  Fleets also benefit by receiving discount on insurance premiums with some carriers.  We offer several capabilities designed to improve fleet safety and reduce your organization’s risk, which can potentially reduce your insurance premiums by up to 18%.

Quickly Discover Driver Safety Issues

fieet safety scorecard

Our driver safety scorecard is used as a summary to monitor unsafe driver behaviors such as aggressive driving, speed limit violations, and maximum speed violations.  Many of our customers see a significant improvement in fleet safety by using the scorecard to run internal competitions that encourage good driving behavior.

Identify High Risk Drivers with A.I.

ai crash risk report

Use our Artificial Intelligence – powered Crash Risk Report to identify the drivers who are at a higher risk of being involved in a crash.  The report factors in your driver’s unsafe driving behaviors and the projected weather forecast to give you a risk assessment for each driver.  High risk drivers can be coached to reduce the likelihood that they are involved in a crash. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars and protect your company’s reputation.

Capture Evidence of Unsafe Driving

dash cameras

Our dash camera solution provides you with video evidence of unsafe driving such as aggressive driving, speeding, and driver distractions.  You can use the videos to coach your drivers to eliminate unsafe driving habits before accidents occur.  We also record video of any accidents, which could be used to defend you if the other driver is at fault.

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Identify Vehicle Safety Issues

vehicle inspections fleet safety

Your drivers can use our vehicle inspections app to identify safety issues with your vehicles.  You can view reports that show all of the results of the inspections and schedule repairs before the issues become major safety hazards.

See Aggressive Driving Details

aggressive driving

The aggressive driving report displays the time, locations, and speeds of each of your aggressive driving events.  This can be used to identify unsafe driving activities and coach your drivers before they cause an accident.

Review Speeding Events

fleet safety speeding report

Our speeding report displays the speeding events for each of your vehicles along with any posted speed limit violations.  You can review individual speeding events and use this as evidence when coaching your drivers to improve fleet safety.

Get Instant Speeding Alerts

fleet safety notifications

You have the ability to setup automated notifications to alert you if your vehicles speed and violate the posted speed limits. You can also setup alerts to be notified if your vehicles are driven after hours. Our notification rules give you the ability to let FieldLogix run on auto-pilot and manage your drivers by exception.

Peer Safety Comparisons

fleet safety benchmarks

Our benchmarks report compares your fleet’s safety against other fleets in the same industry and region.  You can use this data to see how the safety of your fleet compares to your peers.

piedmont service group

“The FieldLogix system works great! We have techs slowing down left and right after having their units installed.”

– Neal @ Piedmont Service Group

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