FieldLogix Research Tools

We have compiled a useful set of tools to assist you in your evaluation of field resource management technology within your organization. Feel free to reach out to us at if you need additional assistance in your research.


system overview

FieldLogix System Overview

See the features and benefits of FieldLogix and why it is different from everything else out there! Read More
fleet gps taxes

Fleet GPS ROI Calculator

Use our simple fleet GPS ROI calculator. FieldLogix sends more money to your bottom line. Use our easy-to-use calculator to determine how much money you will gain! Read More
fleet gps taxes

Payroll Fraud Calculator

Use our simple fleet GPS ROI calculator. FieldLogix sends more money to your bottom line. Use our easy-to-use calculator to determine how much money you will gain! Read More
tracking system

Accident Risk Calculator

Unsafe driving can cost fleets $1,000's each year. We help monitor driver behavior and improve safety to give you a piece of mind. Read More

How FieldLogix Compares to Other Systems

See how we compare to the other fleet management systems. Read More
switching gps tracking

8 Things Considered When Switching GPS Tracking Providers

8 things organizations consider when switching GPS tracking providers and how FieldLogix makes it easy to modernize your fleet management system. Read More
tracking system

5 Reasons why all Fleets need at Least Basic GPS tracking

5 Reasons why all fleets need GPS tracking. It reduces theft, improves safety, and reduces legal liabilities and more... Read More
gps policy guide

Guide for Creating a Driver Monitoring Policy

Guide for creating a policy to minimize driver resistance when implementing a fleet & driver management system. Read More
convince management to buy gps

Guide for Presenting GPS to Management

Convincing upper management that a GPS fleet & driver management is worthwhile is difficult. Here are some tips for presenting your case. Read More
best gps tracking system

Guide For Evaluating GPS Tracking Technology

Are you evaluating GPS tracking systems? Here is a guide for choosing the best GPS tracking system for your organization. Read More
5 reasons why companies select FieldLogix

5 Reasons Why Organizations Select FieldLogix

Why organizations select FieldLogix over the competition! Read More
how gps tracking technology works

How GPS Technology Works

An overview of how GPS technology works along with a brief history of GPS and how it enables us to monitor the locations of your vehicles and drivers. Read More
gps fleet tracking savings

Average GPS Fleet Management Savings

See how much money organizations typically save with GPS fleet & driver management technology. Typical savings are $5,484 in labor costs per driver per year and ... Read More
fieldlogix faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

FieldLogix FAQ's. Learn about our services, deployment, and support processes here. Read More

FieldLogix Customer Support Process

Learn how our customer support process leads our industry. Read More
AT&T 2G shutdown map

AT&T 2G Shutdown Map & Schedule

View the AT&T shutdown map. This map displays each market and scheduled shutdown dates for AT&T's 2G towers. Read More
eld mandate

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate

Learn about the ELD mandate and determine if it applies to you and what you have to do to comply. Read More
fleet gps taxes

2019 Section 179 GPS Equipment Tax Deduction

Calculate your 2019 equipment purchase tax savings by taking advantage of IRS Section 179! Read More

ETA Alerts Improve Customer Satisfaction

ETA alerts improve customer satisfaction & revenues by 16.4%! Read More

Mobile Time Clock Ensures Payroll Accuracy

Mobile time clocks provide accurate times and locations for each clock in and clock out. Make sure your employees are paid for an honest day's work! Read More
fleet idling

Are your fleet vehicles leaking fuel?

Wasteful habits such as idling & speeding unnecessarily waste fuel. See how FieldLogix helps curb these habits. Read More
avoid legal liabilities

Eliminate Personal Fleet Vehicle Use

Monitor personal use of company vehicles to reduce fuel & maintenance costs and avoid expensive legal liabilities! Read More

Fleet Vehicle Health Monitoring

Monitoring fleet vehicle health keeps your trucks in the field and out of the shop, saving you thousands of dollars each year. Read More