Solar Fleet Management System Benefits

Increase efficiency and revenue by closely monitoring your solar fleet vehicles.


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FieldLogix’s solar fleet tracking system has helped organizations save millions of dollars in fuel and labor expenses. Our solar fleet customers find that FieldLogix helps them increase revenue, improve dispatching, improve productivity, and reduce phone chatter. Nationwide companies such as Trane save thousands of dollars with our award-winning Field Resource Management system.

solar fleet tracking

Real-Time Solar Fleet Tracking

Track the locations and statuses of your solar technicians with real-time GPS tracking. You can see when they arrived to each job, when they left, and how long they were there.

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Google street views
  • Satellite views
  • View closest vehicles to jobs
  • solar fleet routing

    Improve Dispatching

    Build routes and dispatch them to your technicians in a manner of minutes. Watch your techs’ statuses as they complete their jobs in real-time and update their routes as your jobs change throughout the day.

  • Build optimal routes
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers’ through our Goose app
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to jobs
  • View job statuses in real-time
  • 2 way text communications with drivers
  • geo fence soar tracking

    Improve Supervision

    Use FieldLogix to monitor where your employees are, where they have been, what they did, and when they did it.

  • Mobile time keeping
  • Monitor personal vehicle use
  • Receive shift violation alerts
  • Receive geo-fence violation alerts
  • Receive posted speed limit violation alerts
  • real time solar fleet tracking

    Improve Customer Service

    Utilizing GPS technology leads to a 23% increase in completed service calls, according to a study conducted by Aberdeen. Our solar fleet tracking system gives you the ability to send your waiting clients ETA’s and send them surveys after the work is complete.

  • Dispatch calls to closest techs
  • Send ETA’s to waiting clients
  • Receive surveys on tech performance
  • Improve on-time arrivals
  • View reports for all client site visits
  • “Much more user friendly, better features and lower cost. Wins across the board!” – Chris Miller @ Harshaw Trane

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