Electronic Logging Device

Easily comply with government Hours of Service electronic logging mandates with our affordable solution


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Our user-friendly electronic logging device helps your drivers comply with Federal and state ELD mandates.  Our simple app gives driver the ability to easily update their duty statuses on their mobile phones or tablets.

Document Hours of Service

electronic logging device

Your driver can use the simple ELD app to easily record their on-duty and off-duty statuses.

  • Simple on-duty and off-duty status selection
  • Reminder alerts when drivers forget to change statuses
  • Drivers can review historical duty status logs 
  • In-App Hours of Service Logs


    Drivers can review past hours of service records in the app and provide the report to the highway patrol upon request.

  • Total on-duty time log
  • Rest time and breaks
  • Hours between shifts
  • DVIR Vehicle Inspections

    dvir vehicle inspection eld

    Use our fully compliant DVIR to have your drivers perform vehicle inspections to comply with the federal and state ELD mandates.

  • Drivers perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • Fully compliant list of inspection points
  • Inspection results available to administrators in web portal
  • Setup Driver Home Base

    eld home base

    You can setup and configure the home base for each driver to ensure that they are compliant with their operating area requirements.

  • Create home base with address
  • Create home base with latitude/longitude
  • Activity to and from home base displayed in admin reports
  • Current Hours of Service Statuses

    electronic logging device current status

    You can review the current driver hours of service statuses in the web portal to ensure that every driver is complying with their required hours of service rules.

  • View hours of service rule sets for each driver
  • View total driving hours
  • View total on-duty hours
  • Driver Hours of Service Report

    driver hos logs

    Administrative users can view the Hours of Service Logs for individual drivers in the web portal and provide the data to authorities during audits.

  • On-duty, off-duty, driving and sleeper time in grid format
  • Vehicle(s) operated during report period
  • Vehicle odometers readings during report period
  • Take a virtual tour today to learn about our electronic logging device and our other Field Resource Management capabilities!


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