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Improve fleet safety with vehicle inspections


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The DVIR is a mobile application that gives your fleet drivers the ability to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections on your vehicles. With the app, your drivers can complete a 14 point vehicle inspection, which can be reviewed by fleet managers in an online report.

Improve Your Fleet’s Safety

vehicle inspection DVIR app

Drivers perform pre-trip inspections and post-trip inspections to ensure that your vehicles are in safe operating condition.

  • 14 point vehicle inspection
  • Requires notes or pictures of failed items
  • Requires all points to be marked as passed or failed
  • Select vehicle, odometer, and any attached equipment
  • Discover Issues Immediately

    vehicle inspection

    Drivers submit notes or pictures of failed items.  This ensures that the fleet manager is aware of the issues immediately and can properly plan for repairs.

  • Failed inspection points require notes or pictures
  • Failure details available in the online report
  • Supports multiple pictures per failed inspection point
  • Hold Drivers Accountable

    dvir vehicle inspection

    Drivers are required to certify the inspection with their signature.  This ensures that there is accountability for completion of the inspections.

  • Drivers can add notes upon inspection completion
  • Driver signatures required
  • Geo-locations provided with submissions
  • Easily Accessible DVIR Report

    pre-trip inspection post-trip inspection report

    The online DVIR report displays all pre-trip and post-trip inspection results for fleet managers.

  • Percent of inspected points passed & failed
  • Results of each inspection point checked
  • Pictures & drivers’ notes for failed items
  • Geolocation of inspection submissions
  • Take a virtual tour today to learn about our DVIR app and our other Field Resource Management capabilities!


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