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Founded in 2002, FieldLogix is the pioneer in the GPS fleet tracking industry and has won various awards for our continuous innovation and world-class support. Our system is very easy to use and we only provide the most reliable GPS fleet tracking equipment.  Our industry-leading customer support process has led to a BBB A+ rating and a 97% customer support satisfaction score from Dunn & Bradstreet.  Fleet operators switch to FieldLogix because we have more useful GPS fleet tracking features, better pricing, and great support

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Improve Fleet Safety

Our industry-leading driver behavior monitoring features help you reduce your fleet’s risk by improving driving habits!

  • Uses AI to identify drivers at risk of crashes
  • Safety scorecard ranks & scores driving safety
  • Speeding alerts keep techs & drivers on their toes
  • Identify vehicle safety issues with our inspection app
  • Aggressive driver monitoring catches bad behavior
  • and more…
  • FieldLogix Real-Time GPS truck Tracking

    Improve Supervision

    We use best-in-class Google maps to help you stay on top of your fleet’s locations. 

  • User-friendly maps with multiple view filters
  • Maps automatically refresh with current locations 
  • Google Street View™ gives you more details
  • Reroute techs & drivers away from traffic with real-time traffic data
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking alerts

    Manage by Exception

    FieldLogix gives you the option to manage by exception with our extensive set of rules-based alerts.  You can create up to 12 different rules and you will be notified if any of your rules are broken.

  • Geo-fence violation alerts to prevent theft
  • Maximum & posted speed limit violations alerts
  • Excessive idling alerts
  • Vehicle collision alerts
  • Excessive stop duration alerts
  • Tech shift violations
  • Aggressive driving alerts
  • and more…
  • truck tracking Analytics & Reporting

    Detailed Historical Reports

    You have access to 30+ reports & analytics to help you better manage your fleet and improve efficiency.  Our reports help everyone from your payroll clerk to your fleet manager get the info that they need to do their jobs.  

  • Review breadcrumb trails of all trips
  • View all stops made by vehicles
  • Vehicle miles travelled
  • Jobsite entries & exits
  • Beginning and end of shifts
  • Speeding events
  • Idling events
  • and more…
  • aggressive driving

    Monitor Driver Behavior

    We offer one of the richest sets of driver behavior analytics reports in our industry.  Compare your drivers’ safety performance to the rest of your fleet and to your industry peers!

  • Sustainability scorecard scores driver fuel efficiency
  • Safety scorecard scores driver safety
  • Posted speed limit violations report
  • Driver idling and speeding trends
  • Aggressive driver monitoring
  • and more…
  • GPS truck tracking fuel fraud monitoring

    Catch Fuel Card Fraud

    We will help you identify potential cases of fuel card fraud.  Our fuel card report gives you the ability to verify your fleet fuel card transactions to ensure that your cards aren’t being used for unauthorized vehicles.

  • Identify fuel cards used for unauthorized vehicles
  • Identify fuel cards used to fill gas cans
  • Compatible with these fuel cards
  • and more…
  • gps fleet truck tracking driver behavior

    Improve Fuel Efficiency

    We will help you monitor wasteful driving habits such as excessive idling and speeding.  This helps you control one of your highest operating expenses.

  • Reduce excessive idling & speeding
  • See fuel costs from much wasteful habits.
  • Ranks and scores your best & worst drivers
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking driver trends

    Compare Driver Behavior Trends

    Trends compare individual driver’s performance to the fleet average.  You can quickly determine which drivers are better or worse than the fleet average so you can reward or coach them.  

  • Compare speeding events to fleet average
  • Compare mileage to fleet average
  • Compare idling to the fleet average
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking driver analytics

    Predict Future Results

    We will show you how changes to driver behavior will result in improvements or declines in cases of speeding, idling, and miles travelled over the next 3 months.

  • Forecasts future speeding activities
  • Forecasts future miles travelled
  • Forecasts future idling time
  • and more…
  • gps fleet truck tracking maintenance monitoring

    Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns

    Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop with proactive fleet maintenance reminders.  We will alert you when your vehicles are due for maintenance so you can service them and keep them healthy.

  • Create unlimited maintenance reminder schedules
  • Base alerts on miles, engine hours, or time
  • Send alerts to mechanics or 3rd party service partners
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking features

    Catch Fleet Mechanical Issues

    Get immediate notifications of fleet mechanical failures with our vitals monitoring feature.  We will alert you if your check engine lights turn on and will send you details for any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) detected.

  • Get immediate Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts
  • MPG monitoring keeps vehicles running efficiently
  • Check engine light status monitoring & alerts
  • and more…
  • gps fleet truck tracking api

    Connect FieldLogix with your Operational Software

    We offer several integrations with leading 3rd party business applications.  These integrations automatically send data back and forth between FieldLogix and your operational software to improve your dispatching processes.

  • Display FieldLogix data & job data on one map
  • Configure integrations in an easy to use portal
  • No “coding” required, just a point & click setup
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking apps

    GPS Fleet Tracking from Anywhere

    We offer native iPhone and Android apps that give you instant access to the locations and statuses of your techs and vehicles while you are out in the field.  

  • Current vehicle locations & status
  • Driver activity history
  • iPhone & Android compatible
  • and more…
  • gps fleet truck tracking & dispatching

    Improve Dispatching Processes

    We help you plan optimal routes for your fleet so your drivers spend more time in front of your clients and less time on the road.  

  • Optimize routes with predictive traffic
  • Drag & drop jobs to assign to closest drivers
  • Send ETA’s to waiting clients
  • Capture proof of work completed
  • and more
  • ELD compliance

    ELD Compliance

    Our integration with Apollo’s FMCSA-certified ELD solution allows drivers and carriers to meet government mandate requirements.

  • Pre & post-trip inspections (DVIR)
  • IFTA reporting & inspection logs for highway patrol
  • Includes intra-state rules
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking permissions

    Enterprise Permissions

    Lock down FieldLogix so users can only access the features & vehicles that you want them to see.

  • Restrict user access to features & vehicles
  • Multiple timezone support
  • View user login activity & IP addresses
  • and more…
  • See how FieldLogix can help you reduce operating costs, improve driver safety, and improve customer service.  Our platform has proven to help organizations achieve a positive ROI in less than 6 months.  Take a system video tour to see learn more about how we can help you!

    “We evaluated several systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost”

    – Krystal @ Interwest Construction

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    “This has been an excellent experience for us!”

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    “We love it!”

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    “Thank you for your fantastic product and service!”

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    Basic Tracking Systems

    Real-Time Tracking

    Safety Monitoring


    Vehicle Diagnostics

    Maintenance Monitoring

    Native Mobile Apps

    Dash Cameras

    Safety Scorecard

    Sustainability Scorecard

    A.I. Crash Risk Report

    Vehicle Inspections App

    Route Planning

    Dispatching App

    ETA Alerts

    Client Surveys

    Proof of Service

    Mobile Time Clock

    Apple Watch App

    BBB A+ Rating


    Years in Business

    Over 20 Years


    Average Pricing

    $14.95 to $44.95

    30% to 40% more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of things can I receive messages/alerts on?

    You can receive notification messages for restricted zone (geo-fence) violations, landmark entries and exits, speed violations, posted-speed violations, late shift start, early shift end, after hours use of vehicles, loss of power, excessive idling, aggressive driving, impact events, and vehicle towing.

    Can the system send me automated e-mail reports?

    Yes, we offer multiple automated reports that can be e-mailed to you or your managers daily or weekly for an individual vehicle, all vehicles, or a group of vehicles. The reports can be e-mailed to up to 8 recipients.

    Who bills me for the cellular service?

    You will receive one bill from us for the monitoring and data services. There is no separate fee for the cellular data services. All of the fees are displayed in your proposal.

    What recognition & awards has FieldLogix received?

    We have won multiple awards over the years because of our innovation and growth.  See a list of all of our awards and accolades here.

    How long have you been in business? How can I ensure that you are a reliable partner?

    We have been in business since 2002. Since we started the company, we have constantly focused on providing the best user experience in our industry. This not only includes the user-friendliness of the solution, but the ease of our fulfillment, installation, billing, and customer support processes. We constantly make every effort to make working with us easy and frictionless. We are a privately held company, so our customers are always our top priority, not Wall Street. Therefore, we never sacrifice our customers’ experience to increase our bottom line.

    What business organizations do you belong to?

    We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003, with an A+ rating, and are committed to their stringent ethics code. We also participate in the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association) events and many regional trade organization events.

    Can I view the tracking system on my cell phone?

    You can view your fleet’s locations in our native mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices.

    What happens when vehicles drive outside of the coverage area?

    The devices have an internal memory (store & forward) and they upload their past activity when they return to a coverage area.

    Which cellular network do your devices operate on?

    We offer services through all of the major cellular carriers. Our default service is with AT&T’s 4G network, which also roams on T-Mobile’s network. We can also offer service through Verizon upon request. The billing with the cellular carrier is handled by us and doesn’t require your involvement and is included in the quoted price.

    What is your standard agreement term?

    We offer month to month, 1 year, and 3 year agreement terms. The advantages to going with a longer term agreement includes a longer product warranty and discounted pricing. Agreements benefit our customers by ensuring that our monthly rates remain fixed for the duration of the agreement term. Our month to month option is best for organizations that are either seasonal or want to avoid a long-term contract.

    In which countries do you offer your service in?

    We provide our services to organizations around the world. Being that we are based in the US, a majority of our customers are in North America. We are always looking for partners to offer our products in other countries.

    Can I have the devices installed without the drivers knowing that they are there?

    Yes, the devices can installed behind the dash so it is hidden from the driver’s view.

    What do I do if I have a problem with the system?

    You can call us at 888-803-0200, submit a help form in our portal and mobile apps, or e-mail us at Our hours of operation are 5:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific.

    We take pride in the high quality customer support that we have been offering our customers for years. We also constantly survey our customers to ensure that we are providing the highest level of customer support possible.

    Can I download the reports to Microsoft Excel?

    Yes, the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

    How long is my asset’s data stored in your system?

    Your asset’s history is available in our web portal for 90 days. Data older than 90 days is archived on our servers and can be retrieved upon request at no additional cost.

    Can I use my existing tracking devices on your system?

    This may depend on the device. Currently, we are setup to work with the following brands of equipment: CalAmp, GenX/Sierra Wireless, Suntech, Lytx/Surfsight, and Pointer. Some other providers use proprietary hardware that only works with their software. It is often advantageous to upgrade to new hardware to take advantage of the latest capabilities and we offer many no-cost hardware programs.

    Can I purchase an extended warranty to cover repairs after the initial warranty ends?

    If a device fails after the warranty period, we simply charge a low replacement fee for a new device plus required labor fees if installation is required. Since our devices have a low failure rate, we cannot justify charging extended warranty/insurance fees.

    Can the installers work on nights & weekends?

    This may be arranged upon sufficient notice. There is an additional charge for after-hours installation services.

    How long does it usually take to install each tracking device?

    Depending on the type of device, it can take as little as 2 minutes and as long as 1 hour to install the devices. Our plug in devices are the quickest for installation and our 3-wire devices take the longest.

    How long do your devices last?

    Our devices are built to last 10-15 years.

    How accurate are your maps?

    Our core mapping solution is Google Maps. We enhance it with various other mapping solutions to increase the accuracy for features such as posted speed limit monitoring. Google Maps is one of the most accurate and up-to-date mapping systems available. We constantly add new features to our Google maps interface as they become available.

    How often are the streets on your maps updated?

    The maps are updated on the server every week. This is done automatically and requires no involvement by you.

    Do I have to download any software on my PC’s?

    No, all software is 100% web-based. You do not need anything special loaded on your PC to be able to view the maps.

    Does your system provide in-vehicle navigation?

    Yes. We offer a mobile app – Goose – which can send your dispatched stops to Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze to navigate your drivers to their destinations.

    What payment options are available?

    You can pay by check, by credit card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or ACH.

    Where do you offer your services?

    We have customers throughout the world and we offer the same high quality service and customer support to our customers no matter where they are located.

    Can I remotely control any aspect of my vehicles?

    Due to potential liability and security reasons (for you and us), we do not offer the ability to control vehicles remotely.

    Can the system be integrated with my back-office software?

    Yes, integration is always possible. We offer a rich REST API and we are also pre-integrated with several software systems.

    How often do you release software updates, what are the charges?

    Software improvements are usually made every quarter and they are added to your system at no additional cost. We occasionally release new optional add-on modules that offer completely different functionality that may have a separate fee.

    How will I know if my vehicles are speeding?

    You will receive an e-mail alert and a message within FieldLogix when the event occurs. You can also review the incidents in your historical reports.

    Can I remove the device from one vehicle and install it in another?

    If you perform the removal and installation services yourself, you can move the devices between vehicles and there is no charge from us. If you wish to have us arrange the removal and installation services, there will be a nominal cost for the labor. You have the ability to make the required changes to the vehicle info and device assignments in the web portal.

    Can I have multiple passwords and restrict access to certain features for certain users?

    Yes, we currently offer multiple log in capabilities. You can also restrict which features and vehicles your users can see when they log in.

    How do I know if a device has been tampered with?

    The devices have built in backup batteries and will notify you if they have been unplugged.

    Do you offer a free trial that allows me to try the system without a commitment?

    Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial program. Learn more about our trial program here.

    Can I use your devices to record certain events such as PTO on/off, door open, door close, etc?

    Yes. We offer devices that allow for 2 telematics inputs. You can connect our devices to an electronic switch to allow our system to record each time that switch is triggered.

    Do the devices drain my vehicle’s battery while it is parked?

    Our devices are designed so that they don’t drain the vehicle’s battery. When the vehicle’s ignition is off, all devices go into a low power state, where they draw voltage that is equivalent to a vehicle’s in-dash radio clock.

    Does the devices work on all vehicles?

    Yes. We offer different types of required devices and wiring harnesses for all types of vehicles.

    Can the device disable the vehicle upon my request?

    Due to security & liability reasons (both for you and us), we do not offer the ability to disable vehicles remotely.

    How long is the warranty?

    Parts and labor for GPS devices are warrantied for the same period as your service agreement. Therefore, if you sign up for a 1 year agreement, the warranty is for 1 year, if a 2 year agreement, the warranty is for 2 years, and so on. If we arrange the installation services, we will cover the labor costs for the technician visits for warranty-covered repairs. Defective devices are either repaired or replaced.


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