Tow Truck GPS Tracking & Dispatching Benefits

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Since 2002, FieldLogix has been offering a premium tow truck GPS tracking & dispatching solution for road service fleets. Companies use FieldLogix to improve dispatching, reduce fuel costs, and increase revenues. Our unique mobile app – Goose – gives towing companies an additional tool in order to better compete with the many startup companies that are trying to use the Uber model within your industry. We offer one of the most innovative & flexible systems for tow truck GPS tracking.

tow truck gps tracking

Instant Vehicle Locations

As competitive as your industry is, it is critical to be able to determine which drivers are available for new calls immediately. Our best-in-class system will give you that instant visibility needed to keep your response times low.

  • 2 minute or 20 second instant location updates
  • Auto-refreshing maps
  • Satellite map views
  • Google street map views
  • View from iPhone & Android apps
  • road service gps tracking

    Reduce Travel Times

    Getting to your jobs quicker brings in more revenue and keeps your customers happy. This is as true for on-demand service calls as it is for your contracts. Use Goose to dispatch your closest trucks to new calls & improve your response times.

  • Dispatch closest truck to call by drag & drop
  • Send call details to drivers
  • View status as drivers complete jobs
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to jobs
  • Two-way text communication with drivers
  • road service towing eta's

    Improve Customer Service

    As you know, your customers’ expectations are starting to change due to services like Uber. Maintain a competitive edge by sending them ETA’s and capture their feedback with the Goose mobile application. With our unique features, you will increase revenue and retain more customers.

  • Send ETA’s to your customers when drivers are in-route
  • Customers give feedback on your driver’s performance
  • Customers receive a picture of their driver
  • Customers call or text your drivers directly for new instructions
  • tow truck gps breadcrumbs

    Improve Accountability

    Know where your driver are, what they are doing, and what is being towed. Eliminate side jobs, route deviations, and unnecessary downtime. Our detailed reports give you insight into all of your drivers’ daily activities.

  • PTO event locations & times
  • Breadcrumb history
  • Dispatched call history
  • Idle time & miles traveled
  • tow truck safety tracking

    Improve Road Service Vehicle Safety

    How your drivers operate your vehicles could also put business in jeopardy. We can help you identify risky behaviors so you can take corrective action before a driver causes a large legal and financial burden for you. 

  • Driver safety scorecard
  • A.I. powered Crash Risk report
  • Driver & road-facing dash cameras
  • Aggressive driving report
  • Posted speed limit reports & alerts
  • After-hours vehicle use alerts
  • Dash cameras to record driver distractions & collisions
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