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A study by Automotive Fleet found that the average fleet vehicle breakdown costs $634 per day.   Breakdowns also cause employee downtime, cancelled jobs, and frustrated customers.  Fleets that focus on efficiency understand that it is critical to keep their vehicles in good operating condition so their customers can be serviced when promised.

FieldLogix can help you ensure that your vehicles are always in proper operating condition by monitoring the vehicles for potential vehicle health issues.  We will also remind you when your vehicles are due for service to ensure that preventative maintenance work is completed when needed. These capabilities will reduce the likelihood of vehicle breakdowns and frustrated customers.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

Our Diagnostic Trouble Codes report displays all trouble codes triggered by your vehicles.  It displays both current and historical codes to show you when they were triggered and when they were cleared. It also provides you with a description of what each code means. Fleets use this report to determine which vehicles require immediate service.  This minimizes vehicle downtime as well as repair costs.

Vehicle Vitals

fleet vitals

Our Vehicle Vitals report displays the real-time health of your vehicles.  This includes items such as fuel levels, fluid temperatures, miles per gallon, battery voltage, and your check engine light status. Fleets use this report to check on the current statuses of their vehicles to ensure that they are in proper operating condition.


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Preventative Maintenance Reminders

preventative maintenance reminders

Schedule preventative maintenance reminders to receive alerts when your vehicles are approaching their preventative maintenance thresholds.  These reminders help you stay on top of your preventative maintenance needs to keep your vehicles in good operating condition.

Vehicle Inspections

vehicle inspections fleet health

Your drivers can use our app to perform vehicle inspections. This provides you with instant details of any vehicle issues that would require maintenance.  Fleet managers access the vehicle inspections report to review issues that may require immediate repair. 


“We use the Maintenance Schedule to notify dispatch when an asset is due for service.”

– Flip @ Bak-Re-Pair

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