4 Ways Goose Helps Meal Delivery Companies

“Uber Eats would kill my bottom line”

This is a direct quote from Ling Wollenschlaeger, the owner of Pittsburgh Fresh, a company that delivers meals throughout Pittsburgh, PA.

Along with a number of food delivery companies, Ling uses Goose by FieldLogix to manage her delivery services in house.  She evaluated several options before deciding to take delivery in-house. Obviously, using a 3rd party delivery service such as Uber Eats and Door Dash was the easiest and quickest option, but companies like Pittsburg Fresh decided that in-house delivery made the most sense for the following reasons:

1. Costs

Ling found that third party providers would charge as much as 30% of her revenue per delivery.  While this may be fine if delivery wasn’t a core part of her business, it is detrimental to her profits when her business primarily focuses on delivering products to her customers.

2. Quality of Service

Ling was also concerned about the quality of the delivery.  She had no control over the appearance of the delivery drivers, how they handled the food, and where her orders were arranged in the delivery runs.  The last thing she wanted was orders delivered that were soggy or cold because they were last in the delivery run.

3. Liability Exposure

She was also concerned about any liabilities that she might be exposed to by using a 3rd party delivery company.  She may have exposed herself if the third party driver caused an accident, committed a crime, tampered with the food, or harassed her clients while delivering her products.

4. Missed Branding Opportunities

Ling would benefit from all of the branding exposure that she would gain when vehicles are driving down the road with her logo prominently on display.  She realized that she would lose this benefit if she used a third party.

Like many other Food delivery providers, FieldLogix helped Ling better manage her deliveries once she decided to bring the service in-house.  This includes route optimization to ensure that she is quickly building efficient delivery routes and sending them straight to her driver’s cell phones, sending ETA’s to waiting clients, and taking pictures of the deliveries.

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