Are you having trouble finding qualified drivers to deliver your goods & services? Here’s how we can help! 

A recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary Report (JOLTS) from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of job openings reached an all-time high of 10.1 million in June. There are more job openings than there are people to fill them.

Qualified drivers are no exception. Chances are you are short-handed, especially when it comes to delivering your goods or services to customers; the precious last-mile in the supply chain.

We understand how difficult it is. This is why we’ve put together an expert panel to help you recruit, retain and engage top drivers for your business.

Watch the replay of our webinar, “Addressing the Driver Shortage: Key Ways to Win in the Uber-Competitive Labor Market”.

Our panel consists of Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers Inc, Yukon Palmer, CEO of FieldLogix, and Chris Mahlberg, Transportation Insurance Specialist at SWAN Insurance Agency.

Our panelists will be discussing key ways to attract, retain and engage drivers in today’s challenging landscape.

After watching this webinar you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the best way to find qualified drivers today?
  • How do I leverage the tools my organization offers to retain the best drivers?
  • What are the most successful companies doing today to keep drivers engaged with their brand and how important is it?
  • Watch the session replay to learn how to make your org more sustainable!