Build Your Skills at FieldLogix!

85% of our employees are SDSU graduates!

We have a rich history with SDSU.  FieldLogix started as a business plan written in the SDSU MBA program in 2001 and our case is now part of the standard curriculum for the MBA and Executive MBA programs.  We have always kept close ties to SDSU and are constantly looking for the best talent coming out of this great educational institution.

We maintain our involvement with SDSU by:

  • Presenting FieldLogix in undergraduate and MBA courses
  • Mentoring students in the Lavin Entrepreneurship program
  • Judging in the Lean Business plan competition
  • Judging in the Venture Start business plan competition
  • Advising other companies that started at SDSU
  • Participating in annual job fairs


An Invaluable Learning Experience

While we hope our team members stay with FieldLogix for the long-term, many of our former employees have used their learning experience here in order to become more competitive in the job market. We are proud that we played such a critical role in their career path and keep in touch with many of them. Several of our alumni have started their own successful companies and others work for companies such as Ernst & Young, Netflix, Oracle, and Microsoft.

“It made a lasting positive impression on my life. Great workplace, great company, great co-workers!” – @Mikeesplin