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Telematics Plans

Our telematics plans include driver safety capabilities such as crash risk monitoring using Artificial Intelligence, a driver safety scorecard, and unsafe driving alerts. We also offer several features that will help you improve fuel efficiency. Our award-winning system has been recognized as an one of the most innovative in our industry.

FLX lite

  • Google maps with street view
  • 2 minute location updates
  • Covert installation
  • 6 detailed activity reports
  • 4 exception alerts
  • Track via mobile app
  • Posted speed limit alerts


  • Everything in lite plan plus…
  • Crash risk monitoring with A.I.
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Driver fuel efficiency scorecard
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code monitoring (light duty vehicles)
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Optional Vehicle inspections app
  • Fuel card fraud monitoring
  • Driver trends & projections analytics
  • 30+ detailed activity reports
  • Annual mileage & idling reports
  • 11+ exception alerts
  • Apple Watch app
  • Unlimited landmarks
  • Unlimited restricted zones
  • User user logins & permissions
  • Multiple timezone support
  • Optional 20 second updates
  • API’s & pre-built integrations


  • Everything in FLX plan plus…
  • Video of crash events
  • Video of aggressive driving events
  • In-cab distracted driver alerts
  • Video of in-cab distraction events
  • Video of driver fatigue events
  • Live streaming
  • Camera SOS panic button

“Much more user friendly, better features and lower cost. Wins across the board!” – Chris Miller @ Trane

Integrations & Partnerships

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Routing & Dispatching Plans

Our routing & dispatching solution – Goose – allows you to manage & track your workers by just using their smartphones. Optionally, you can add our “plug & play” GPS tracking devices to capture additional important information such as miles travelled for each job as well as how safely your drivers are operating their vehicles.

Goose Timeclock

  • Mobile time clock
  • Time clock history report
  • Track via mobile Admin app
  • Apple Watch app
  • API access included
  • Off-line mode
  • iPhone & Android

Goose Dispatch

  • Everything in Goose timeclock +
  • Route optimization
  • Save daily routes for future use
  • Dispatch jobs to smartphones
  • Modify sent routes
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Send ETA’s to waiting clients
  • Stops completed report
  • Pictures of completed work
  • Signature capture
  • Bar code scanning
  • Notes for completed jobs
  • Send receipts to clients
  • Client Yelp reviews
  • Multiple user logins

“Goose has improved and streamlined our dispatching even more!” – Flip Gilbert @ Bak-Re-Pair


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Equipment Tracking Plans

Our asset management plans give you the flexibility to use FieldLogix as a theft recovery solution or as an inventory management tool. You can choose to have basic location updates once per week or more frequent updates to track your equipment as it operates at your job sites. Our GPS asset tracking devices have rechargeable batteries that last multiple years without requiring a recharge. Contact us today for details on our asset management plan options.

Daily Update

  • Once daily updates
  • Google maps with streetview
  • Long life battery unit
  • Track via mobile app
  • Apple Watch app
  • Find closest asset
  • API access included

Asset Movement

  • Everything in Daily Update plan +
  • 5 min location updates
  • Breadcrumb trail
  • Geofence violation alerts
  • Towing / transport Alerts
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Engine run time report

“Without FieldLogix, thousands of dollars of equipment could have been stolen!” – John Reno @ Twin City Garage Doors


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