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Our fleet dash cameras will help you improve safety & eliminate insurance fraud committed against your fleet.  According to the FBI, the costs for staged accident claims total $20 billion dollars per year, costing the average motorist $100 to $300 per year in increased insurance premiums. Fleet vehicles are often viewed as easy targets by these types of criminals. We can help you avoid fraud and reduce your insurance premiums.

Improve Driver Safety

fleet dashcam
Optional in-cab camera monitoring with A.I. alerts your drivers of policy violations and saves video for management review.

  • Driver texting & cell phone use
  • Seatbelt use
  • Distracted driving
  • Smoking
  • Eating / drinking
  • Reduce Liabilities

    fleet dashcam
    Our road-facing camera records all incidents to protect you from fraudulent claims.

  • Collision events recording & retrieval
  • Aggressive driving events video review
  • Manual recording by drivers for evidence
  • View event videos from the cloud
  • Records vehicle break in events
  • Real-Time Fleet Streaming

    dash cam with gps
    Spot check your drivers at anytime to ensure that they remain compliant with your safety policies.

  • View in-cab cameras in real-time
  • View multiple drivers at once
  • SOS / panic button for driver security
  • Easy to use management portal
  • Built for the Fleet Environment

    fleet dash cam
    A small fleet dashcam built to withstand the harsh fleet environment.

  • Driver & road facing cameras in one device
  • Low profile dash camera
  • High Definition video
  • Daylight & night time video modes
  • Tamper resistant
  • Backup battery records events while parked
  • “We evaluated several systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost”

    – Krystal @ Interwest Construction

    Fleet Dashcam Benefits

    driver alerts

    Eliminate Unsafe Driving

    Catch unsafe habits and coach your drivers before they cause accidents. According to the FMCSA, the average accident costs a fleet $331,000 when there is an injury involved. If there is a fatality, that cost balloons to $7.2 Million!  Our dash camera solution uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor distracted driving events and alerts your drivers when they are detected.  Aggressive driving and speeding events are also flagged and recorded automatically.  You can access video from these events to coach your drivers to ensure that they don’t repeat the behavior.

    fleet dash cams and insurance fraud

    Avoid Fraudulent Claims

    Fleets are targeted by criminals for staged accidents since they are often viewed to have deep pockets. It is estimated that staged accident insurance claims total $462 million per year!  You will have video evidence of these staged accidents that would be used to defend your fleet.  This could potentially save your organization thousands of dollars in claims and insurance premiums.

    fleet camera insurance premium

    Manage Insurance Premiums

    The use of a fleet dash camera will reduce the likelihood that your fleet vehicles will be involved in accidents.  Fewer accidents result in fewer loss claims and happier insurers.  Keeping your fleet’s loss claims low will ensure that your insurance premiums remain manageable.  


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    Managing an Accident’s Impact on your Truck Fleet.  Work Truck Magazine

    Dash Camera FAQ’s

    Does the camera drain my vehicle's battery?

    The cameras drop down to a 34mA low power state when the vehicle is parked. This is less than most aftermarket radios. It goes to a low power state instead of shutting down to ensure that it can wake up if motion is detected while parked.

    What is the dash camera lens resolution?

    The road facing camera’s resolution is 1080P HD with a 140 degree wide angle lens.
    The driver facing camera is 720P HD with a integrated infrared lens.

    How many auxiliary cameras can be added?

    Up to 4 auxiliary cameras can be connected via a wired or Wifi connection.

    What are the installation options for dash cameras?

    You can install the cameras using either of the following methods:
    1. OBD-II plug in connection. We will provide an OBD-II plug that would connect to our tracking device so the camera can use the OBD-II port’s power. This is a fairly simple installation. See our OBD-II plugin installation guide.
    2. Hard-wired installation. The camera can be hard-wired into a 12 volt power source. This is more complex and typically requires a 3rd party installer to perform the work. Installation fees can vary from $150 to $200 per vehicle. See our hard-wired installation guide.

    How long does it usually take to install each camera?

    Depending on the type of installation, it can take as little as 15 minutes and as long as 1 hour to install the cameras. Our plug in installation is the quickest for installation and our hardwired installation take the longest.  See our dash camera installation guides here.

    Are professional installation services available?

    Yes, FieldLogix can handle the device installation process through a certified installation specialist. You must check with us at support@fieldlogix.com to ensure that there is an installer in your area. There is an additional cost for installation services, which is based on the number of units and types of equipment to be installed.

    Do auxiliary cameras need to be hardwired?

    The auxiliary cameras can connect to the primary camera via wifi for the data connection, however, the external cameras require a wired connection to a constant power source. This power source must maintain 12 volts of power even when the vehicle is powered off.

    Do the cameras record in-cab audio?

    Yes, the in-cab audio is available for saved historical recordings. However, in-cab audio is not available during live-streaming.

    How long does a driver have to be distracted before the camera notices it?

    The driver has to be looking away from the windshield for more than 2 seconds before the camera determines the he or she is distracted and notifies them.

    Do the cameras provide driver notifications?

    Yes, the camera beep and has a display that will show an icon for the type of notification event (i.e. speeding, eating, cell phone use, etc).

    Do I have to download any software on my PC’s?

    No, all software is 100% web-based. You do not need anything special loaded on your PC to be able to view the maps.

    Does the camera video also show additional details for the event?

    Yes, the cameras can be configured to display the date and time of the event, the vehicle’s speed, and the latitude and longitude of the event. This helps if the video is ever needed as legal evidence.

    Can the camera's video be encrypted?

    Yes, the video can be encrypted on the website. It would require a password entry by the user who wishes to view it. This helps secure the video from unauthorized access.

    Do the cameras record all driving activity?

    Yes, the cameras include an SD card that will record up to 100 hours of driving activity. This video can be retrieved from the website and downloaded. After 100 hours, the oldest video footage is overwritten first. There are upgrade options to expand the SD cards to record 200 hours and 400 hours of footage at an additional cost.

    What types of video footage is automatically stored on the website?

    The cameras save certain events to the website based on their configuration settings. Examples of events include speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, crashes, etc. The cameras will send 10 seconds of activity before the events and 10 seconds after the events occur to the website.

    Can the cameras record while the vehicle is parked?

    Yes, the cameras go into low power mode to conserve the vehicle’s battery, but will wake up if they detect vibration. They will record for 10 seconds after they detect vibration. This is primarily used to record vehicle break-ins.

    How is the camera configured for fatigue monitoring?

    The cameras can be configured to flag for fatigued drivers after the first 4 hours of driving activity. It will record video and can trigger an email alert if it detects that their eyes are closed or not facing the road.

    What types of dash camera events will display an alert for the driver?

    The types of driving events that trigger an in-cab driver alert are when the camera detects:
    – Cell phone use
    – Eating
    – Drinking
    – Smoking
    – Unbuckled seatbelt
    – Possible fatigue

    What will the auxiliary cameras record?

    Auxiliary cameras record video from different perspectives of the vehicle while the vehicle is operational. This provides you with a better picture of the road conditions when certain events occur.
    Recording of video when parked is only available on the primary front facing and driver facing camera.

    How are external cameras connected?

    External cameras will require to be wired to a 12 volt power source. This power source can be switched (i.e. 12 volts when driving and 0 volts when parked). They can connect to the primary driver and rear facing camera with a wifi connection for the video feed.

    How do I know if a device has been tampered with?

    The devices have built in backup batteries and will notify you if they have been unplugged.

    Do you offer a free trial that allows me to try the system without a commitment?

    Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial program. Learn more about our trial program here.

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