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Managing employees is difficult enough when they are in the office.  It is significantly more difficult when you have mobile employees spread throughout a large area.  Unsupervised field employees can lead to unproductive downtime and unjustified overtime.  In fact, Motorola conducted a study that found that adding a fleet productivity tool like FieldLogix can save fleets $5,484 per employee per year by eliminating unnecessary downtime.

FieldLogix offers an extensive set of fleet productivity capabilities to help you improve the supervision and efficiency of your field employees. We can help you plan, monitor, and manage your field resources to save you thousands of dollars per year.

Breadcrumb History Report

breadcrumb fleet productivity

Review our breadcrumb history report to view your vehicles’ path of travel between jobs. This ensures that your employees are taking the most direct routes to their jobs.  You’ll be able to minimize time in traffic and maximize the time servicing your customers. 

Stop Details Report

improve fleet productivity by monitoring stop details

The stop details report shows each of your vehicles’ stops throughout the day.  Use this report to ensure that your employees were only stopping at authorized locations during their shifts.


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Start & End of Day Report

start end report productivity

View the times that your vehicles started operating each day and when they stopped operating at the end of the day.  This report is used to verify the accuracy of employee timesheets to ensure that they are only being paid for time actually worked.  


landmarks productivity

Setup favorite locations as landmarks and we will record each time your resources enter and exit the landmarks.  These can be used for job sites, your facilities, and parts locations.  Our reports display the landmark names along with each location’s address so you can easily identify activities at your landmarked locations.


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Shift Violation Alerts

shift violations alerts

Ensure that your employees are working a full shift by setting up shift violation alerts.  Our fleet productivity notifications feature will send you alerts if your drivers start their shifts late and finish them early. 

Do Not Exceed Alert

do not exceed productivity

You can setup do not exceed alerts that will notify you if your resources stop at a location for longer than a certain amount of time.  This gives you a way to monitor the times spent at jobs to ensure that your employees aren’t staying on jobs longer than necessary.

Distance Travelled

distance traveled productivity

Review the distances travelled by your vehicles with our distance travelled reports.  These reports provide you with the total distances travelled over the course of a day, weeks, months, and years. This ensures that your vehicles are properly utilized and will help you with your resource purchasing and planning needs.

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Routing & Dispatching

routing to improve productivity

You can plan, optimize, and dispatch your routes in minutes to maximize efficiency. Route optimization ensures that your drivers are completing as many jobs as possible each day and are spending less time driving between jobs. 


“I like how it makes planning our business day so much easier.”

– Troy @ Alpine Materials

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