Government Fleet Tracking Benefits

Improve transparency, accountability, & sustainability.


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Since 2002, FieldLogix’s government fleet tracking solution has helped government agencies throughout North America to improve transparency, accountability, and fleet sustainability.  We work with a wide variety of government departments including fire, waste, code enforcement, public works, water, etc. and have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. In addition to our innovative features, our fleet management solution for government agencies is very flexible & affordable.

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Improve Transparency & Accountability

When employees are violating your work policies, it can increase your financial and general liabilities as well as damage to your reputation with your stakeholders. Our government fleet tracking system for municipalities will record any non-permitted use of your vehicles to help improve overall accountability.

  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring
  • Alerts when vehicles leave jurisdiction
  • Personal use policy violation alerts
  • Review all past vehicle activity
  • Activity at unauthorized locations
  • Alerts when drivers go home during shift
  • Asset tracking for off-road equipment
  • speeding report

    Improve Fleet Safety

    Use our GPS fleet management solution to monitor unsafe driver behavior. FieldLogix will provide you with reports and alerts that can help you reduce your organization’s legal liability and ensure that your drivers comply with your organization’s safety policies.

  • Driver safety scorecard 
  • A.I.-powered Crash Risk report 
  • Maximum speed alerts
  • Posted speed limit violation alerts
  • Aggressive driving monitoring & alert 
  • Impact alerts for potential accidents
  • Geo-fencing notifies you if vehicles leave your jurisdiction 
  • Distracted driving monitoring for driver distractions
  • Vehicle inspections app 
  • government fleet telematics sustainability

    Improve Sustainability

    Our government fleet management system helps local government and public sector fleets reduce vehicle emissions by monitoring poor driving habits that consume excessive fuel. You can use this information to take corrective action to ensure that your employees comply with your policies.

  • Sustainability practices scorecard
  • Speeding, mileage & idling peer comparisons
  • Idling alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Driving behavior predictive analytics
  • Driver performance ranking & scoring
  • Vehicle fuel efficiency
  • government fleet dtc codes

    Improve Fleet Maintenance

    Our vehicle vitals report provides you with critical information to ensure that your vehicles remain on the road and downtime is minimal. You can also proactively schedule unlimited maintenance reminders for all of your service requirements.

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts
  • Track MPG
  • Check engine status
  • Oil & coolant temperature
  • Maintenance reminder alerts
  • Battery voltage
  • Current fuel level
  • Government Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

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