5 Ways to Better Manage Your Field Employees

Using mobile technology to make your mobile workforce more efficient

Having people in the field can be stressful. Any reasonable manager may be kept awake at night wondering if they are doing what they are supposed to, if they are arriving to their jobs on time, if they are driving safely, and if their time cards are accurate. Fortunately, with mobile technology, managers can now control and monitor employee activities to address many of these concerns.

Here are 5 ways to better manage your mobile workforce

1. Use a route planning system

A good route planning system will ensure that your people get to their jobs in the most efficient manner and avoid unnecessary time on the road. It will also save you or your dispatcher hours each week when planning jobs.

2. Keep waiting clients in the loop

Your clients likely get frustrated when having to wait for hours on end for your people to arrive. Clients will appreciate automated alerts when your people are in route because they have a better expectation of when your driver will arrive. It will also help eliminate “no-shows”.

4. Track their activities

A good mobile tracking app will allow you to track the activities of your mobile workforce. You can track when they arrive and depart from jobs and where they go in between. This helps give you more control (and visibility) over where they are and what they are doing.

5. Document completed work

This includes having your people take pictures of the completed work, capturing client signatures, scanning bar codes, and adding notes to jobs. This information is valuable because it can be added into your operating software or provided to clients if there are ever any disputes.

5. Use a mobile time clock app!

A good mobile time clock app will record the employee’s clock in and clock out locations along with the addresses. This ensures that the employees’ payroll records are accurate and they are not going “on the clock” at unauthorized locations.

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