Referral Program for FieldLogix - Award Winning Fleet & Workforce Management System


Do your clients need a fleet or workforce management system?

If so, you can make money by referring the award-winning FieldLogix fleet management solution to them.

The program is simple…submit the referral, we manage the sales process, and we pay you if they buy.
Once the referral purchases, we will pay you an amount equal to one month of their service fees.

4 basic qualifying questions to ask your clients:

Ask them if they would be interested in technology that would:

1. Reduce their fuel costs by over 13%
2. Save them close to $5,500 in labor costs per field employee annually
3. Help them complete 25% more jobs per day
4. Be much more user-friendly and affordable than most solutions!

You can also share the link to our system overview with your referral:

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*Referrals are paid out 4-6 weeks after account setup and deployment. Employees of referred companies are ineligible for referral compensation. Referred companies that purchase more than 12 months after the referral date are ineligible for referral compensation unless agreed to in writing by FieldLogix. Referred companies must be submitted via referral form prior to FieldLogix’s initial out treach to referred companies to be eligible for referral compensation.*