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We are excited to announce a number of recent enhancements to our Field Resource Management solution. We have been very active over the past year with our development initiatives and have recently expanded our development team in order to deliver even more innovative solutions to meet your needs. As part of our efforts, we are in the process of developing a more modern website that is also mobile-friendly. Our intent is to consolidate a number of tools that you would use to manage your field resources into one system.

Safety Features

Driver Scorecard

Our driver scorecard scores your drivers based on safety-related driver behaviors, including hard braking, hard acceleration, hard turning, posted speed violations, and maximum speed violations. You have the ability to apply weights to each of these types of events to determine which are more important when generating your scores. You also have the ability to set the maximum speed and posted speed threshold values.

Fleet Benchmarks

Our fleet benchmarks report gives you the ability to compare your fleet’s safety and idling patterns to other fleets in your region and industry. You can also compare behavior between groups of your vehicles. This helps you quickly determine how your drivers’ behaviors compare to other similar fleets.

Optional In-Cab Safety Buzzers

Our optional in-cab buzzers will alert drivers if they exceed a maximum speed threshold or if they trigger an aggressive driving event (i.e. hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering). Note that this feature is an add-on device to your in-vehicle tracking hardware and may require an upgrade to your equipment.

Maintenance Features

DTC Report

Scheduled for release in August 2020, the DTC report provides you with the history of your diagnostic trouble codes for vehicle sensor malfunctions that trigger your check engine light. This will help you better prepare for your required vehicle repairs.

Vehicle Inspections

Scheduled for release in August 2020, the optional vehicle inspections report displays any mechanical defect discovered by your drivers during their pre-trip and post-trip inspections. This feature will also be part of our Goose mobile app.

New Reports

Fuel Card

The fuel card report displays any fraudulent use of your WEX fuel cards. It displays the merchant’s location and vehicle’s physical location when the fuel card was used. It will flag instances where the vehicle was at a different location from where the fuel card was used as well as times when the more fuel was used than the tank’s capacity.

County Mileage

The county mileage report breaks down miles travelled by county. This will assist you if you are required to record mileage travelled in each county for tax or billing purposes.

Satellite Readings

Scheduled for release in August 2020, the satellite readings report will display devices that are providing inaccurate GPS readings. This will help you quickly determine which GPS devices require repositioning in order to attain accurate location readings.

New Integrations

Servicetrade Map

We’ve built a map that can be embedded within Servicetrade to display the locations of your technicians along with the locations of your appointments. This gives your dispatchers the ability to instantly decide who to dispatch to your jobs.

Servicetrade Filters

Filter our map by scheduled or unscheduled appointments and search for appointments within a certain date range. This helps your dispatcher filter the maps in order to make quicker dispatch decisions.


We’ve integrated into the Apollo ELD solution. This gives you the ability to use our tracking device to interface with the Apollo ELD driver interface. Use the integration to record hours of service, potential violations, and alert drivers when they are close to exceeding their allowed drive time.

In-cab Cameras

We are actively integrating an in-cab camera solution that gives you the ability to view the driver’s actions in real-time as well as past safety incidents. Our camera solution is scheduled for release during Q4 of 2020.

More Integrations

We are actively integrating into other solutions to further enhance the FieldLogix platform.

The features below are available in FieldLogix v5 beta, which is currently available for Goose dispatching users. We are working on migrating all of our fleet-management features to v5.

Dispatching Features

Updated Route Builder

We combined the route builder into the dispatch view so all routes can be managed on one screen. This makes it quicker and easier to plan your drivers’ workday.

Traffic Predictions

Our route optimization feature now includes predictive traffic. It will forecast travel times between stops based on the location and time of day. This significantly improves route planning in congested cities!

Stop & Travel Times

You now have the ability to input stop durations and view travel times. You can now more accurately predict the amount of time it will take your drivers to complete all of their jobs for the day and reduce overtime costs.

Route Scheduling

You can now schedule your routes for dispatching in the future! This gives you the ability to setup routes days in advance and not have to worry about about sending routes the night before your drivers’ workday.

Gantt View

We now display the drivers current route in a Gantt chart that shows their current status and timelines for their workday. This is a much better way to visualize the time it takes them to complete their workday as well as their current statuses.

Add Breaks

You can add breaks to the drivers’ routes, which helps you improve the estimation of their total work hours.

Stop Editing

You can now edit stops that are scheduled and dispatched. This gives you more flexibility when modifying the driver’s workday due to changes.

Drag & Drop

To make it easier for you to modify your routes, you can now drag and drop the stops to re-arrange them.

5 More Goose Icon Colors

We added 5 more icon colors for your Goose drivers to help you better segment your drivers by groups.

New Settings

More Driver Data

Add your drivers’ home addresses, service area, skills, certifications, pictures, and enable or disable mobile features through our web app.

Landmark Categories

Create different categories for your landmarks for better segmentation on our maps.


Persistent Two-way Messaging

We moved our messaging functionality to the top of all pages within the web app. You can now read inbound and send outbound messages from any page within the website.

Timeclock Features

Edit Timeclock Records

Users with the appropriate permissions can now edit timeclock records for your drivers. This is useful if drivers forget to clock in or out and the administrator needs to make adjustments to their records. We even display an audit log of the user that made the change along with the old values for auditing purposes.

Create Timeclock Records

Users with the appropriate permissions can now create new timecard records for your drivers. This is useful if any manual timeclock entries are required by your administrators. We have a visual indicator to flag records created by your administrators and display an audit log of the user that created the records.

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