Construction Fleet Tracking Benefits

Improve safety, reduce fuel costs, and improve security with FieldLogix!


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Several of the largest construction companies in North America use our construction fleet tracking system to improve their operations.  Companies such as Harris have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing our Field Resource Management system to improve fleet safety, reduce fuel costs, reduce job costs, and improve fleet maintenance.

construction fleet tracking

Improve Construction Fleet Security

Our construction fleet and equipment tracking solution helps you ensure that your vehicles and equipment are secure.  We will notify you if your equipment is removed from your job sites and if it is used after work hours.  We even have the ability to record video of any vehicle break-ins.

  • Geo-fence violation alerts
  • After hours use alerts
  • Dash cams record vehicle break-ins
  • Towing & transport alerts
  • construction fleet tracking

    Improve Driver Safety

    We have one of the richest safety-related feature sets in our industry to help you manage your risks.  Our Artificial Intelligence-powered system helps you identify your riskiest drivers so you can take immediate action to avoid costly accidents.  Our optional dash cameras help you identify distracted driving and other risky driving behaviors.

  • A.I.-powered crash risk report
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Maximum and posted speed limit alerts
  • Dash cameras with distracted driver monitoring
  • Vehicle safety inspection app
  • construction fleet health monitoring

    Improve Construction Fleet Maintenance

    We will help you stay on top of the health of your construction fleet vehicles.  You will be able to schedule preventative maintenance reminders and will receive alerts when your vehicles detect Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s).  We will help you keep your vehicles & equipment on the job and out of the shop.

  • Preventative maintenance reminders
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts
  • Schedule maintenance based on miles or days
  • Schedule engine hours reminders for equipment
  • Real-time vehicles vitals
  • Monitor MPG’s, fluid levels and temperatures
  • construction fleet sustainability monitoring

    Reduce Fuel Expenses

    We will help you reduce your fuel expenses.  With FieldLogix, you will be able to monitor excessive idling and speeding.  You will also be able to monitor personal use of your construction fleet vehicles to ensure that your employees are not using your vehicles and fuel for side jobs or personal errands.

  • After hours use alerts
  • Fleet sustainability scorecard
  • Idling reporting & alerts
  • Speed monitoring
  • MPG monitoring
  • Fuel card fraud monitoring
  • construction fleet tracking

    Improve Employee Productivity

    We will help you ensure that your construction crews are on the job when they are supposed to be there.  Our solution will help you identify late job site arrival times, long lunch breaks, and if your crews leave their jobs earlier than they are supposed to.  We will also show you any unauthorized stops to ensure that your crews are on the jobs when they are supposed to be there.

  • Vehicles stops report
  • Breadcrumb history replay
  • Job site entry and exit report
  • Search for activity at suspicious addresses
  • Alerts if vehicles enter unauthorized locations

    construction fleet management

    Improve Payroll Accuracy

    We will help you track and verify your employee payroll records.  You have the ability to view your crews’ shift start times and end times as well as job site entry and exit times.  Construction fleets use our data to verify employee time card data to ensure that their employees are only paid for actual time worked.

  • Start & end of day report
  • Job site entry & exit report
  • Mobile time clock
  • Late shift start / early shift end alerts
  • construction fleet tracking software

    Improve Job Costing

    We will track all job site entry times and exit times to help you track time spent within each job site.  You can use this data to more accurately account for labor and equipment costs on each job.  FieldLogix will automatically track time spent on job sites to help you with your job costing.

  • Batch upload job site locations
  • Job site entry times
  • Job site exit times
  • Time spent on job sites
  • Alerts for job site entries & exits
  • Job site names displayed in most reports
  • construction vehicle tracking

    Improve Inventory Management

    We will help you keep track of the locations of your vehicles and equipment inventory.  You will be able to track which job sites and yards that your equipment is located in.  This helps reduce equipment losses, theft and the need for rental equipment. 

  • Daily location tracking for unused vehicles & equipment
  • Job site entry & exit tracking
  • Transport tracking
  • Ability to track powered and non-powered equipment
  • Multiple non-powered equipment tracking device options
  • construction fleet gps tracking

    Improve Utilization Monitoring

    We will monitor the utilization of your vehicles and equipment so you can make more informed decisions about your investments.  You will be able to identify underutilized equipment and vehicles so you can reassign them to other jobs. This helps you reduce your cash outlay for new vehicles and equipment and reduce your rental costs.

  • Quarterly & annual mileage reporting
  • Engine hour use reporting
  • Individual vehicle mileage compared to fleet average
  • Odometer tracking
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