Goose Dispatch Software

Goose is built on the award winning Field Resource Management platform use by companies such as Trane. It is used to optimize routes for mobile workers. Goose will help you build optimal routes, dispatch them to your drivers, watch route progress, and send ETA’s to your waiting clients. It takes the normally hour-long routing processes and reduces it to just minutes.  It also opens up communications channels with your clients to improve their experience with your brand.

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Happier Customers

route planner eta's

4 hours arrival windows are so 2000!  Goose sends ETA’s to your customers when your workers are in-route so they know to expect them and are ready when they arrive.

Happier Dispatchers

dispatching deliver routes

Use our dispatch software and your dispatchers will no longer have to make best guesses when setting up daily routes.  They can track workers as they complete their workday and communicate with them.

Happier Drivers


Goose helps your workers get to where they need to be when they need to be there.  It gives them all the details they need for their jobs as well as how to get there.

send routes > navigate to jobs > send ETA's > proof of service > receipts & surveys

Goose on a mobile device

“Goose makes my life easier!”

- Roger @ Fresh & Fit Meals

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Our dispatch software saves $

Take the painful hours-long process of building and optimizing routes and reduce it down to minutes. Quickly build, optimize, save, schedule and dispatch routes to your drivers.  Routes can be created and dispatched immediately or saved for future use.  Dispatch routes can be modified mid-day as things change.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Complete more jobs with mobile dispatching

Your drivers will get their routes in the optimized order.  Each stop for their route will include the stop’s address, the client’s contact info, and any instructions that you want to provide them.  Drivers update their statuses as they complete their stops. All status updates are displayed on the maps so your dispatchers can stay on top of everything that is taking place.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Route optimization with forecasted travel times reduce windshield time

Better route planning means less time on the road.  You can plan routes around congested areas to ensure that your drivers aren’t spending an excessive amount of time in traffic. This helps you increase billed hours to bring in more revenue and make your routes more fuel efficient.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

ETA’s reduce no-shows

Goose will help you reduce no-shows so you can avoid losing profit margin for return jobs. Your customers will receive notifications so they are available for your drivers when they arrive.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Proof of service / contactless delivery eliminates disputes

Your workers can close out their stops by taking pictures of the completed work, capturing your clients’ signatures, scanning barcodes, and logging notes for the jobs. These records are e-mailed to your clients as proof of service receipts and are available to you via our on-line report.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Client feedback improves customer experience

Your clients receive receipts of completed work with copies of pictures and their signatures. They can also provide feedback on their satisfaction with your services and are prompted to submit a Yelp review if they give you 4 or 5 stars.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

See your workers’ statuses

You can use our mobile time clock to get location and time stamped records displaying when and where your drivers clocked in and out.  You can also also track break times to ensure that labor laws are being followed.

Dispatch Software | Send ETA’s | Proof of Service

Improved communications with Apple Watch app

Improve communications with your workers with our Apple Watch app! View the current locations and statuses of your workers and call or text them on the fly. Use our watch app as a contact list for all of your workers for easy & quick communications!