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Having been founded in 2002, FieldLogix is one of the more enduring Field Resource Management companies in our industry, and is also one of the most efficient. We focus heavily on automating processes to make our customers’ experience pleasant and non-disruptive, while also giving them the ability to easily pick up a phone and talk to us. These processes, along with a user-friendly and reliable product, have helped us grow rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider.

Since launching FieldLogix, we have been profiled in numerous publications and ranked among the fastest 100 growing companies in San Diego. We believe that our dedication to our customers’ experience is the reason for our success.

We are now embarking on a new chapter in our story by creating tools to help companies plan their work and work their plans. Our customers have a desire to do much more than track their vehicles and we are ready to deliver!

Our Mission

“To connect organizations with their field resources and provide valuable information that dramatically improves their business.”

Our Values

We create value through hard work.

Our focus on the customer’s experience drives our innovation.

Our success is a result of our persistence and high standards.

We are dependable because we set proper expectations and deliver on our commitments.

We are passionate about our rich history and our promising future.

We respect everyone we interact with.

We empower people to make smarter decisions.

We are committed to timely, accurate, open, and valuable communication.

Our Industry

Machine-to-Machine refers to the term used to describe the utilization of telecommunications systems to transport data wirelessly between remote systems and computers. Our M2M solutions allow people to talk to their remote vehicles and equipment through a wireless network.

FieldLogix’s present focus is in the area of fleet vehicle and workforce management. By giving people the ability to view the current and past activities of employees, vehicles, and equipment, our location services are saving companies millions of dollars annually.

IoT, fleet management
techamerica award winner
dandb rated fieldlogix 97 percent customer support satisfaction

“We evaluated several GPS fleet tracking systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost” – Krystal @ Interwest Construction

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