Having been founded in 2002, FieldLogix is one of the more enduring GPS tracking companies in our industry, and is also one of the most efficient. We focus heavily on automating processes to make our customers’ experience pleasant and non-disruptive, while also giving them the ability to easily pick up a phone and talk to us. These processes, along with a user-friendly and reliable product, have helped us grow rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider.

Since launching FieldLogix, we have been profiled in numerous publications and ranked among the fastest 100 growing companies in San Diego. We believe that our dedication to our customers’ experience is the reason for our success.

We are now embarking on a new chapter in our story by creating tools to help companies reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Our customers have a desire to do much more than track their vehicles and we are ready to deliver! 

Our Mission

“To Help Others Use The Least Amount Of Energy To Accomplish Their Goals”

Vehicles are tools that have allowed us to accomplish many things that were previously impractical. They are the backbone of our society and have made a significant contribution to our current quality of life.

Many organizations depend on vehicles in order to conduct their daily tasks. In fact, many organizations have built their internal processes based on a heavy utilization of vehicles. Unfortunately, with this heavy utilization comes a high consumption of fuel. Not only is fuel costly, but its price is very volatile. This harms organizations that rely on predictable revenues and expenses. When fuel prices spike, organizations become less profitable.

In order to control unpredictable fuel costs, organizations must adopt practices that promote a more efficient use of vehicles. This can include making smarter decisions about how vehicles are operated, daily tasks are completed, and even reducing the necessity of the vehicle all together.  As a pioneering GPS tracking company, this is the focus of our current and future product development efforts .


Our Industry

Machine-to-Machine refers to the term used to describe the utilization of telecommunications systems to transport data wirelessly between remote systems and computers. Our M2M solutions allow people to talk to their remote vehicles and equipment through a wireless network.

FieldLogix’s present focus is in the area of fleet vehicle and asset management. By giving people the ability to view the current and past activities of employees, vehicles, and equipment, our location services are saving companies millions of dollars annually.

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