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Use our API’s to streamline your workflow by integrating FieldLogix into your systems.


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We offer various methods to integrate our Field Resource Management data into your operational systems. Our open API gives you the ability to integrate FieldLogix into your operational systems to avoid double entry and ensure that your data is accurate. We offer multiple options, from simple configurable connector tools to an open RESTful API that gives you more flexibility with your Field Resource Management integration.

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Typical Use Cases


fleet management integration - customer locations

Display Customers’ Locations in FieldLogix

You can use our API to plot your customers’ locations on the FieldLogix map. This helps to determine which drivers are nearby your customers for more efficient dispatching.

key2act fleet management integration

Display Driver Locations in Your CRM

If your CRM system has mapping capabilities, you can display your drivers’ location on your map along with your current customer locations. This also improves your dispatching process.

routing fleet management integration

Dispatch Routes to Drivers

You have the ability to dispatch routes from your internal system to your drivers via our API. With our fleet management integration, you can push your routes to FieldLogix, which can be automatically dispatched to your drivers’ mobile devices.

gps fleet management integration

Driver Locations & Statuses

You have the ability to display your drivers’ current locations, on-duty and off-duty statuses, as well as cell phone numbers in another system. This could be used for your operational software so you can view locations and click to call your drivers.

messaging integration

Driver Messaging

You can use our API to send text messages to your drivers’ mobile devices from another application. You can also view in-bound messages from your drivers.

time clock integration

Retrieve Time Clock Info

You have the option to retrieve your employees’ time clock records and bring the data into your payroll system. This avoids the double entry typically required with importing time clock data from one system into another.

driver history integrations

Save Driver History in your DB

With the FieldLogix API, you have the ability to retrieve driver history from our database and store it in your internal database. You can update the data in real-time or historically.

Integration Methods

The RESTful API contains our most extensive set of endpoints. It includes over 35 endpoints and is available for our fleet tracking and mobile driver management services and has the flexibility to meet your custom requirements.

The SOAP API is more limited than REST, but it contains the most popular endpoint, which is vehicle history. It is available for our fleet tracking service.

API Accellerator
The API Accellerator is a program built to populate MS SQL databases with vehicle location data from FieldLogix. It is available for our fleet tracking service.

FieldLogix Bridge
The Bridge is a pre-configured integration with various 3rd party systems. It doesn’t require coding on your part and includes a simple configurable dashboard. It requires no development and with a few simple clicks can be configured to talk to your other systems within minutes.


“We evaluated several systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost” – Krystal @ Interwest Construction

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