FieldLogix Customer Support Process

See how we resolve issues and ensure that you are satisfied with our services!

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been striving to provide the best customer support possible in our industry. This has resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 97% customer support satisfaction score from Dunn & Bradstreet. The reason for our success is our well defined customer support process that is closely monitored and scored. We break the majority of our support issues into 3 categories. These are user training, malfunctioning devices, and billing requests. We follow well-defined processes to address each of these types of issues.

User Training

FieldLogix has been through 3 major design enhancements over the years all with the user in mind. We’ve consulted with user experience (UX) experts and went through extensive user testing for all features. This makes FieldLogix extremely intuitive and user-friendly. We also include links to videos on each page that walk the user through each feature. In addition, we hold one-on-one trainings for users at no additional charge upon request and host weekly trainings for any user on Thursday’s at 9am PT.

Malfunctioning Tracking Devices

With tens of thousands of tracking devices in the field, it is inevitable that a small percentage of them will experience some sort of technical malfunction. Fortunately, malfunctioning devices are a relatively rare occurrence since we only work with best-in-class telematics devices. However, when it does occur, we resolve it with the following process:

1. Attempt to resolve the issue over the air

We have the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot devices over the air via messaging. We can remotely inquire as to the device’s status and health and can send commands to resolve a majority of the issues.

2. Send an advance replacement device

If we can’t resolve the device over the air, we will send an advance replacement device to be swapped out with the malfunctioning device. If the device requires professional installation, then we will handle dispatching the installer to complete the work.

All issues are tracked with our case management system to ensure that all steps are followed. Also, our users are surveyed after cases are closed to ensure that we were responsive, professional, and resolved their issue in a timely manner. The results of these surveys impact the compensation for our operations team.

Billing Inquiries

Invoices are available at any time via our on-line billing portal. If a client has an issue regarding a specific invoice or charge, we will generate a case in our case management system to be followup upon by our billing team as soon as possible. Our clients are surveyed after the case is closed to determine their satisfaction with our responsiveness, professionalism, and resolution times.

Other Inquiries

All inbound support inquiries are tracked in our case management system and are monitored for response times as well as the user’s satisfaction with our resolution. Our processes ensure that we are a reliable partner for our system users!

Resolution Time Policies

Priority 1 | System Access and Usability

Target Resolution Time: < 1 hour
New activations; login problems; Can’t pull reports; Can’t dispatch

Priority 2 | Device Issues

Target Resolution Time: < 24-48 hours
Non-reporting devices; device service requests; other device service requests

Priority 3 | System Management

Target Resolution Time: < 48 to 72 hours
Data requests, Configuration Issues User can’t edit / permissions; Problems with setting notifications / groups; User can’t Add / remove / edit users; Data pull requests

Priority 4 | Billing Issues

Target Resolution Time: 3 to 5 days
Copy of prior invoices; contract term inquiries; Service credit requests; Device inventory report requests

Priority 5 | Non-Critical Bugs

Target Resolution Time: 1 to 14 days
Page bugs; non-critical software bugs

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