FieldLogix User-Friendly & Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking
Affordable & User-Friendly GPS Tracking
Innovative Driver Management
FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking

Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking
& Innovative Driver Management

Starting at $14.95/driver/mo.

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What we do

gps fleet tracking


Monitor your drivers’ locations, history, driver behavior, and your vehicles’ health!

fleet tracking


Plan your day so your drivers spend more time servicing customers and less time on the road.



Use our mobile app – Goose – to transmit your jobs to your drivers.

Benefits by Industry

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How it works

How GPS Fleet Tracking Works

FieldLogix helps you plan your workday, dispatch jobs, track your drivers’ activity, and monitor everything from our web and mobile apps.

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Real-Time Tracking

Instant Real-Time Tracking

Job Planning & Optimization

Job Planning & Route Optimization

Driver Dispatching

Driver Dispatching

Innovative Mobile Apps

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Safety Alerts

Driver Safety Notifications

Analytics + Reporting

Advanced Analytics + Reporting

Scheduled Alerts

Proactive Violation Alerts

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Maintenance Reminders

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“I like how it makes planning our business day so much easier.” – Troy @ Alpine Materials

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Clients and Partners

FieldLogix Clients & Partners
FieldLogix Clients & Partners
FieldLogix Clients & Partners
FieldLogix Clients & Partners
FieldLogix Clients & Partners

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