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For over 20 years, FieldLogix has been the pioneer of Field Resource Management.  Our platform includes GPS tracking for fleets, dash cameras, dispatching software, vehicle inspection forms, and a mobile time clock.   We have received multiple awards for our continuous innovation and world-class support. Companies tell us that they select FieldLogix because we have more innovative features, better customer support, and greater value than most systems.

GPS Tracking for Fleets

with Artificial Intelligence

fleet tracking and dispatching and dashcams

Improve productivity, vehicle health, and driver behavior using A.I.

Wireless Dash Cameras

Our innovative fleet dash camera solution helps you reduce your risk, eliminate distracted driving, and protect your reputation. It helps you reduce the likelihood that your drivers will be involved in traffic accidents and provides you with a method of defense if they do.
wireless fleet dashcam

Coach your drivers and reduce accident risk.

Routing & Dispatching Software

Our award-winning fleet routing & dispatching solution enables you to complete more jobs, improve your customers’ experience, and improve quality assurance. You can use it to optimize your routes, dispatch them to your drivers, send ETA’s to your clients, and capture proof of service when the work is complete. Companies throughout the world use our solution to provide a superior level of service to their clients.

dispatching software

Complete more jobs & reduce time on the road.

About Us

fieldlogix 20 years in business

Years in business

12 awards fieldlogix

Awards for innovation & growth

telematics customer service

Customer satisfaction score

bbb a plus telematics

BBB rating

Our Capabilities

gps tracking for fleets

Instant Real-Time Tracking

gps fleet speed alerts

Driver Safety Monitoring

gps fleet aggressive driving

Fuel Efficiency Monitoring

gps tracking for fleets reports

Advanced Analytics + Reporting

gps tracking notifications

Proactive Violation Alerts

gps tracking for fleets with fleet diagnostics

Vehicle Health Monitoring

fleet routing and dispatching

Job Planning & Route Optimization

gps tracking for fleets & fleet dispatching

Driver Dispatching

client ETA's

Client ETA’s

Partners & Alliances

google fleet tracking gps

key2act and telematics

gps tracking for fleets and servicetrade

league of Oregon cities gps tracking for fleets

hgacbuy gps tracking for fleets

delivery drivers inc dispatching

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