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We strive to provide the best customer support in our industry. We have well-defined response processes to resolve your issues with minimal disruption to your operations. You can learn more about our support process here.

This site contains a broad array of useful documents. Also feel free to e-mail us at if you have suggestions for improvement or any of the items below do not meet your needs.

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Customer Support
Between 5am and 5pm Pacific:
888-803-0200 Option 2
After hours:
888-803-0200 Option 4

Between 5am and 5pm Pacific:
888-803-0200 Option 3

Between 8am and 5pm Pacific:
888-803-0200 Option 5


Weekly User Training Sessions

We hold 1 hour user training sessions every Thursday at 9am PT (with the exception of holidays). Please complete the form below if you would like to enroll in one of our training sessions. We provide on-line training or our web application for unlimited users at no additional cost.

Register for Training Here

Device Installation Guides

Access our installation guides to ensure that your devices are properly installed and tested.

Walk Through Installation Guides

Device Troubleshooting Guide

Use our troubleshooting guides to diagnose and resolve any issues with your devices.

Device Troubleshooting Guides

Customer Support & Warranties

Customer Support Process

Limited Product Warranty Details

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