Poor Fleet Maintenance Costs USPS Billions

Image result for usps fleetAccording to an inspector general report from April 28, the inefficiency of the USPS fleet maintenance facilities has cost nearly $22 million. A total of 211,263 vehicles are serviced at the 316 USPS maintenance facilities. The Postal Service also holds contracts with garages around the country.

All in, USPS fleet vehicles are roughly a $3.6 billion investment, and in the 2014 fiscal year, maintenance costs added up to a cool $1.1 billion. The Postal Service has set goals to help measure the fleet maintenance program’s effectiveness, including workload management.

The report found the facilities aren’t operating efficiently when compared to the get goals. According to the report, “These conditions occurred because of management’s lack of oversight in monitoring mechanic workhours, as well as not reaching the workhour targets due to administrative and supervisory vacancies.”

Recommendations from the inspector general include appropriate staffing and better oversight. suggesting the workhours savings could amount to almost $22 billion annually. The Postal Service will take alternative corrective actions, including establishing a fleet management group.


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