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Fleet visibility is critical for organizations of all sizes.  Fleet managers and dispatchers need to know where all of resources are and what they are doing in order to properly plan their workday.  In today’s “on-demand” world, customers also expect to see who will be arriving to provide their services and when they will get there.

FieldLogix can help you stay on top of the real-time locations and statuses of your field resources with real-time location updates. We also give you the ability to send ETA’s to your customers so they know who will arrive and when they will get there.  This helps you improve the management your resources and it improves your customers’ satisfaction.

Real-Time Tracking

map view

We provide continuous real-time location updates and statuses of your field resources on Google™ maps. Our maps automatically refresh to keep your information current. Real-time location updates give you continuous visibility of your resources’ locations & statuses.

Street View

Google street view

See the the building that your resources are parked in front of and the street that they are driving down with Google Street View™.  This gives you a clearer picture of where your resources are and what they are doing.


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Real-Time Traffic

real-time traffic

We display the real-time traffic conditions to show you if your resources are traveling in a congested area. This helps you determine if your drivers will be arriving to a job late so you can proactively notify your customers.

Radius Search

closest vehicle

You can search near locations to dispatch the closest resources to your jobs. This helps you make quicker dispatch decisions and be more responsive for your customers.


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ETA Alerts


Send ETA’s to your clients when your drivers are in route to your jobs. This “Uber-like” experience improves your clients’ experience with your services and builds loyalty.

Proof of Service

proof of service

Send proof of service receipts to your clients to show them evidence of the work you performed. You can also capture their feedback to ensure that they are satisfied with your work.

Real-Time Video Streaming

real-time streaming

Stream into the cab of your vehicles to see what is taking place both in the cab and on the road. With our dash camera solution, you not only know where your drivers are, but you can also see what they are doing.

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Mobile Apps

mobile apps

Keep tabs on your resources from your smartphone.  Our apps are available for both iPhone and Android so you can see the locations and statuses of your field resources from wherever you are.

essential meal eta

“Our customers know where the driver is on his or her route, and through our notification they can anticipate the delivery.” ”

– David @ Essential Meal Delivery

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