We are offering you an opportunity to REFRESH your GPS tracking units to the latest technology at a heavily discounted rate.  This initiative is due to AT&T’s changes to their cellular network that would degrade the wireless services that many of your devices use.  To read more about these changes, click here.

The new tracking devices have the following advancements:

Monitoring of aggressive driving via gForce monitoring
Monitoring and curbing of aggressive driving reduces likelihood of accidents by 66% and reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%
Posted speed limit alerts
Improve safety by getting notifications when your vehicles are traveling faster than the posted street speed limit.  
A more advanced GPS chip that greatly improves the device’s location precision
Location addresses are much more accurate and devices are less prone to display inaccurate locations
Operates on the CDMA wireless network, which has a life expectancy of 20 years
We sought out technology that will be around for years to come to ensure that our customers see a maximum return on their investment.
Multiple device options
We offer the traditional 3-wire installed devices in addition to plug & play units that can be installed in your vehicle’s diagnostic port within seconds. We can assist you in selecting the right device for your needs.
New mobile apps!
We offer rich mobile apps that give you the ability to view your fleet’s location while in the field and dispatch jobs to your drivers.
Savings on Upfront Costs
In order to smooth out your transition, we are offering special offers to minimize your upfront equipment costs.  If you are interested, complete the form below for a quote.

Complete the form below to get a list of impacted devices and a quote to REFRESH!