About FieldLogix

We provide a unique solution that combines a rich set of telematics features with mobile capabilities that makes organizations more efficient and enhances their clients’ experience. We work with companies in several industries, including food & retail delivery, commercial & residential services, municipalities, construction, transportation, among others. Our clients include well known brands such as Coca Cola, ServiceMaster, and Trane. Since 2002, we have been selling, implementing and supporting fleets of various sizes from our office in San Diego, CA. We have a very loyal customer base, with many being with us since our very first years of business.

Our Products

We offer two solutions on our IoT platform. Our mobile driver management solution – Goose – is used by many organizations consisting of independent contractors and companies with non-owned vehicles to manage their field employees. They use Goose in order to improve their clients’ experience so they can better compete with companies such as Uber. Our GPS fleet management solution is used by fleets to monitor the current and past locations of their fleet vehicles as well as their drivers’ behavior, safety, and vehicle health.

Our Traction

During 2015-2016, We gained a major insight into new opportunities within our industry and have spent the past year focused on capitalizing on these opportunities. We are now seeing the results of these efforts, resulting in a triple digit increase in YTD subscribers and a new opportunity close ratio that is the highest in our history as a company. This shift has also brought many significant partnership opportunities with major organizations as well as large customer opportunities. To add to the effectiveness of our strategy, we have driven our CPUA down to levels that we have never experienced before, while also increasing our CLTV.  

Our Market

We serve a $14.4B worldwide market.  Our focus is on a segment that is projected to triple in size by 2018 totaling $47B in revenues. Early IoT investments in this space will benefit dramatically by this market growth.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has over 150 years of combined experience in IoT and mobile technologies. Our CEO has been in the IoT industry since 2000, specifically focusing on telematics and mobile technologies. Our advisory team consists of wireless pioneers who have served as leaders at QUALCOMM, Intuit, Teletrac, and Neff Equipment Rental.

Our Foundation

We have constantly honed our operations since inception. We believe that we are among the best in our industry when it comes to customer support, sales, billing, employee recruitment, and company culture. Unlike many startups, our stakeholders can be assured that they are dealing with an organization that understands its customers, employees, operations, and market intimately, thereby reducing many risks.

Our Reputation

We have gained a lot of credibility within our market due to our innovation and the reliability of our services. We constantly survey our customers on their level of satisfaction with our services and a recent independent survey conducted by Dunn & Bradstreet resulted in a 97% customer support satisfaction score.  We have also won several awards, including the TechAmerica High Tech Award, being listed as one of San Diego’s Most Admired companies, one of San Diego’s Fastest 100 Growing Private Companies, a finalist for the Most Innovative New Product awards, among others.

IoT Investment Opportunity

For inquiries regarding our current capital raising efforts, please see our AngelList profile or complete the form below.

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