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According to the National Equipment Register, equipment theft costs fleets an average of $29,258 per incident.  This leads to expensive job delays and replacement costs and causes frustration for everyone involved.  Equipment tracking technology will help you avoid theft.

We offer equipment tracking solutions for both non-powered and powered equipment and assets. We can help you monitor your assets’ locations for inventory purposes, or provide more detailed tracking for utilization monitoring and theft recovery.  Many commercial insurance providers provide discounts of up to 18% when you add tracking devices to your equipment.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

equipment tracking

Our best-in-class Google maps provide you with an instant real-time overview of your equipment’s locations for inventory management.

  • GPS location updates
  • Google Street & satellite map views
  • Save favorite map views
  • Geofence alerts

    geofence for equipment

    Setup geofences around job sites & equipment yards to receive alerts when equipment exits the locations.

  • Create custom shaped geofences
  • Schedule geo-fences to activate after work hours
  • Receive alerts when equipment leaves geofenced areas
  • Utilization Monitoring

    Monitor equipment usage on jobs to measure job costs and ensure that your equipment is not sitting idle when it could be used on another job. This helps keep your rental costs low.

  • Monitor engine hours while on jobs
  • Monitor total operating hours for each day
  • View last time equipment was operated
  • Transport Tracking

    transport path of travel

    View the travel activity of your equipment as it is being transported between job sites and your facilities. This ensures that you are on top of the movements of your equipment.

  • Automatic equipment tracking while in transit
  • View path of travel
  • View equipment delivery locations
  • Maintenance Monitoring

    equipment maintenance monitoring

    Schedule preventative maintenance reminders to keep your equipment on-line and to avoid expensive downtime due to breakdowns. 

  • Get maintenance reminders based on engine hours or time
  • Get alerts when equipment is approaching service intervals
  • Get alerts when equipment is past due for maintenance
  • View summary of your equipments’ maintenance needs
  • Mobile Apps

    equipment tracking app

    View the locations of your equipment on our mobile apps. We display the equipment’s distance from your location to help you find it while you are in the field.

  • View real-time locations in mobile apps
  • View distances from your location
  • View recent equipment history
  • See which equipment is being used and which is sittling idle
  • specialty doors

    “Thanks to FieldLogix, we retrieved a stolen asset with 30 minutes of the theft.”

    – Edye @ Specialty Doors


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