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It was 1:08pm and Donna’s stomach was growling. She realized she hadn’t eaten since she left the house at 6:45am.

This always happened. She’d plan out her driver’s routes, send out the schedule, and something would always throw her day into a frenzy. Whether it was a traffic jam or a vehicle breaking down, the day never went as planned, causing Donna to frequently work through lunch.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what had caused the delay today…

…a driver had misheard her on the phone and driven to the wrong STATE!

In a perfect world, you would always have clear and open communications between your dispatchers and field workers, yet this is not always the case. Often times, the fast paced environment that dispatchers operate in doesn’t always afford them much time to wait around to talk to your field workers. This can cause critical information to become delayed or incomplete. It also causes customer service issues due to inaccurate information or delays in responding to requests.

Learn how we’re different

With Goose, dispatchers and field workers:

Are always on the same page

Goose saves your dispatchers valuable time because they no longer have to call around asking drivers for their statuses and waiting for responses.

Provide detailed instructions on jobs

Dispatchers can ensure that your workers have all of the details for their jobs electronically, including directions on how to get there. You no longer have lost drivers interrupting your dispatchers because they can’t find a job.

Having a proper platform for communications between dispatchers and field workers typically results in a 25% increase in overall work orders completed and a 47% improvement in productivity! Take advantage of the efficiency derived from using a simple messaging tool like Goose for all of your dispatcher to field worker communications!

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“Goose has improved and streamlined our dispatching even more!”
– Flip @ Bak-Re-Pair

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