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Fleet fraud is a common occurrence and most organizations experience internal fraud of one form or another.  A lack of accurate monitoring tools and inadequate oversight are the primary reasons why organizations experience fraud.   

FieldLogix offers a very rich set of fleet fraud reduction capabilities that will help you prevent internal fraud committed by your employees and external fraud committed by criminals.

Identify Potential Fuel Card Fraud

fleet fraud with fuel cards

Our fuel card report monitors all of your fuel card transactions to verify that your fleet vehicles were at the fueling stations when the fuel cards were used.  This helps to eliminate fuel card fraud by identifying times when drivers may have used your cards to fuel their personal vehicles.

Eliminate Payroll Fraud

eliminate payroll fraud with beginning and end of day report

We will help you verify your time clock records by showing you exactly when your vehicles start and stop operating each day.  We even provide reports that exclude travel times from your driver’s homes to their first job each day.  These reports are used to verify the accuracy of manual time sheets and timecards.

Eliminate Staged Accident Fraud

fleet staged accident fraud

Criminal rings often target fleet vehicles when committing staged accidents.  They know that fleet insurers are quick to settle claims and will often pay out more than private vehicle insurers.  To make matters worse, fleets tend to be more likely to be found at-fault with accident judgements.  This often results in significant increases in insurance premiums and can threaten the future financial viability of your company.  We will provide you with video of your accidents to help you defend yourself when staged accidents occur.

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Eliminate Personal Vehicle Use

fradulent personal vehicle use

We will help you prevent your drivers from using your vehicles to take their children to sports practices, run personal errands, and perform side jobs.  When these issues occur, you lose money in fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicles.  We will monitor the use of your vehicles outside of normal working hours and will alert you when these issues occur.

Improve Time Clock Accuracy

time clock fraud

We offer a mobile time clock that your drivers can use to clock in and out of their shifts each day.  It can even record the times that they enter and exit your job sites.  This ensures that their timekeeping records are accurate and reduces the likelihood that employees “pad” their timesheets with inaccurate work hours.

Eliminate Unauthorized Activities

fraudulent work activities

Unauthorized activities by drivers cost organizations an average of $5,484 per employee per year according to Motorola.  These activities often consist of unjustified overtime, excessive breaks, and non-work related activities during their shift. We will show you details for every location that your drivers stop at during their shift.  This will help you ensure that your employees are only at your jobs while on the clock.

Get Device Tampering Alerts

power disconnect report

There is always a risk that your offending employees will attempt to tamper with monitoring devices.  All of our devices will trigger email alerts if they are ever unplugged and will operate for several hours on a backup battery after they are disconnected.  This will notify you immediately if any of your drivers are attempting to disable the monitoring devices so they can violate your policies.

Get Proof of Work Completed

proof of service

Drivers who use manual forms to document their work may skip jobs, yet record them as completed. This can lead to uncomfortable conversations with your clients when they dispute the accuracy of their bills. It can also damage your reputation.  With our Goose dispatching app, your drivers can document the work performed with multiple pictures and client signatures. This will build more trust with your clients to help maintain their loyalty.

“Now, with the system and that our technicians are aware of being tracked, customer complaints have reduced dramatically.”

– Chuck @ Blue Chip Pest Control


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