Will Phone GPS Tracking Help Drone Delivery?

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Although we’re all still waiting on baited breath for Amazon drone delivery to take flight, we’re learning more about how the packages will find their way to recipients.

A patent filed back in September 2014 details how shoppers could potentially finalize orders, as well as how Amazon could internally organize Prime Air. It’s possible the drones will be able to pinpoint a shopper’s location using their smartphone GPS tracking.

It would also be able to update the location information and adjust the route mid-trip. Drones would also be able to communicate to one another about traffic, weather, and flying conditions. Internally, drones would pick up the package for delivery independently and fly out to find the shopper.

Shoppers will have the ability to select exactly where their package is delivered. They’ll be able to choose from common locations like their home, office, or boat, or using GPS tracking to pinpoint their exact location at that exact moment.

Despite running into regulation issues that are hindering testing of Prime Air, when the program is finally cleared, it looks like the infrastructure will be in place to launch the program smoothly.


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