Creative Uses for Old Smartphones

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You can trade in your old smartphone for a few extra bucks, or you can re-purpose it into something surprisingly useful. If you have an old one lying around, give one of these ideas a try.

  1. Clock, alarm, or digital frame – Since your phone is already sitting there, why not give it a purpose? There are plenty of alarm and clock apps to choose from, or you can display your favorite photos on a rotating basis.
  2. Give it to the kids – Delete any sensitive or inappropriate information off the phone and put a few kid-friendly games and learning apps on there. You can adjust security settings to control their access and put it in a hardy rubber case for added protection.
  3. GPS tracking for pets or vehicles – Instead of springing for a special GPS tracking device for pets, download an app and put your old phone in a life-proof case. Then, secure it to your pet and see what they get up to when you’re not around. You can also secure it in a hidden location in your vehicle as a DIY GPS tracking system that could help track your car if it was every stolen.
  4. Car or bike computer – With the right adapter, your old phone can check engine codes and monitor fuel usage. Or, you can use it while biking to track elevation changes, speed, and of course, use the GPS tracking to record your route.
  5. Dedicated gaming device – There’s nothing worse than chewing through the battery while playing games only to realize there’s no charger handy. Use an old device specifically for games, especially if you’ll be playing for hours on end during a long flight or road trip.

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