Study Shows Fleet Tracking Saves $5,484 per Driver

Reduce Labor CostsA Motorola study concluded that companies save an average of $5,484 per employee per year by utilizing fleet tracking technology. The savings was mainly attributed to an increase in mobile workforce productivity and enabling enterprises to become more efficient via a reduction in annual labor and fuel operating costs. GPS vehicle tracking systems can help your company reduce fuel and labor costs while improving customer service significantly.

According to the research study, the main cited benefit (in the nearly 50 percent of enterprises currently using GPS-enabled technologies) was a significant reduction in fuel consumption – which was reflected in a reduction in travel distance by an average of 231.2 miles per week and recording $51,582 in annual fuel savings. With over a million trucking carriers in the U.S. the potential industry-wide annual fuel savings could reach $53 billion. The study revealed that companies utilizing fleet tracking technologies and equipment saved approximately 54 minutes per day – resulting in an annual amount of labor savings of $5,484 per employee or $5.4 million per company.

There are many benefits for fleets driving with FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System; – better fuel use, routing, deployment, response times, safety, hours, maintenance and customer service. Depending on the size of your fleet, you may achieve positive ROI in less than a quarter by investing in a fleet tracking system. According to Carlos Contreras, Owner of Sunshine Landscape, “by cutting my labor costs by over 35%, FieldLogix paid for itself in only 1 pay period.”

According to the Motorola study, in addition to the cost savings, location applications were credited with improving the organization of employee routes, giving companies the ability to know precisely where their employees are at any given time and allowing them to examine routing scenarios before implementation.

Surveyed enterprises indicated fleet tracking systems enable the mobile workforce to spend less time in traffic or finding routes, while increasing the amount of time spent with new or existing customers. In fact, when asked why they would consider investing in GPS tracking or other new technologies those surveyed cited customer service as the number one priority. The survey identified other key applications – navigation for improved on-time performance and route optimization. Navigation and route optimization are responding to the difficulties field mobility workers often have locating new stops during the course of their shift and streamlining deliveries.

About the Survey: Motorola conducted an independent research study in 2008 to measure attitudinal and behavioral decision making habits of North American transportation and trucking executives. Over 255 North American IT and telecom decision makers completed the survey via the e-Rewards global online market research panel, one of the largest global panels for market research, with over 4.2 million consumers and businesses participating.

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