How to Turn Off Apple iOS 6’s Tracking System

Have you upgraded to Apple’s iOS 6, yet? By now, you have probably heard about most of the new features included with the upgrade. Have you heard that this new operating system is the first from Apple that offers a “feature called the Advertising Identifier, a.k.a. the IDFA.” This change is to circumvent privacy and security concerns about older versions of Apple’s tracking systems software. 

According to Jim Edwards, of the Business Insider, the new feature still gathers information for advertisers, like older software versions. However, IDFA gives the information collected from Apple’s tracking system to advertisers as part of aggregated consumer data, rather than as an individual’s data. IDFA also allows users to turn the tracking off.

To do so, instead of looking under Privacy Settings, look under Settings > General > About, scroll down to Advertising, switch the Limit Ad Tracking to ON.


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