Fleets Investing In Green Truck Driver Training Will Reduce Fuel Costs

Fleet management and trucking company owners should consider investing in eco-friendly driver training for their fleet truck drivers.  Running a green fleet will decrease your fuel costs, vehicle emissions, reduce fleet vehicle wear and tear, and improve your company’s image.  Eco-safe truck driver education courses teach drivers how to eliminate identify and eliminate poor driving habits that waste gas and produce harmful CO2 emissions.

Typically drivers who complete eco-friendly training usually see an improvement in MPG of between 10% and 25%. In addition, green driver training courses can dramatically improve fleet safety with the effect of reducing fleet accident rates and the associated costs. Intelligent route planning and speed control techniques learned in the course can generate substantial fuel economy savings for your entire fleet. Small, easy changes in driving behavior such as slowing down, avoiding idling and “jack rabbit starts,” planning routes in advance and using a GPS tracking system can reduce fuel consumption.

In addition to investing in green driver training, we also encourage fleets to invest in a GPS fleet tracking system.  Fleet GPS vehicle tracking devices can especially help smaller fleets (less than 75 vehicles) keep up with the competition in today’s challenging economy.  FieldLogix is a Green GPS fleet tracking system designed to reduce costs, improve workforce productivity, improve customer service, reduce wasteful driving habits and lower carbon dioxide emissions. A Green GPS fleet management system can help fleets to protect planet Earth while saving time and money. It’s a win-win for us all. Fieldlogix+NAV is an industry leading GPS tracking system integrated with turn-by-turn navigation by Garmin and Google Maps.

Fleet Benefits from Green Truck Driver Training Include:

  • A reduction in fleet fuel costs of up to 25%
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs and vehicle wear and tear
  • A reduction on CO2 emissions by around 8%
  • Improved company image – Market your fleet as Eco-friendly
  • Helps to meet the idling and greenhouse gas emissions regulations
  • Increased driver safety reduces insurance costs
  • A reduction in driver stress and fatigue – Happier truck drivers
  • A reduction in accident rates and associated costs

What Will a Fleet Truck Driver Learn in a Green Driver Training Course?

  • How to shift gears for maximum MPG, reduce CO2 and reduced engine wear & tear
  • How to keep constant speed to make the most of the vehicles momentum
  • Improved anticipation of upcoming traffic conditions to minimize stopping, starting and unnecessary idling
  • The development of a smoother driving technique, avoiding sharp acceleration and braking

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