Trucking and Freight Transportation Corp. Sued

Traffic accident victim awarded $4.68 million by Jury for a fleet driver’s negligence to driving. The truck driver for Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation rear-ended and severely injured Hector Zuniga, 53, on November 17, 2008.

PrintReports claim the truck driver changed lanes at the last minute and rammed Zuniga’s 1990 Honda (Nasdaq:ADRNews) automobile from behind. Testifying at the trial, an accident reconstruction expert noted that the truck was speeding and did in fact cause the crash. Zuniga’s Honda was lifted off the ground, and pushed further across to another freeway lane.

Zuniga, unable to return to work, claimed missed wages from his auto body painting job, receiving $50,000 per year. The jury found the trucking company responsible and $1.5 million was awarded for Zuniga’s lost wages and injuries. Additionally, the jury awarded nearly $1.5 million for conscious pain and suffering, which, according to the treating physicians at the trial, was “constant throughout each and every day” and would continue for the remaining of his life.

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