Upset Lady Throws a Tantrum

hqdefaultTowing a car from a ditch, the side of the freeway, or an accident has challenges of it’s own. Imagine dealing with this upset lady who decided to give the tow driver a very dangerous challenge.

Luckily, the driver and towing company can be protected from any wrongful accusations this lady may try to claim.

The lady from the video is from Shanghai, China and seems upset that the man is taking her Chevrolet Captiva SUV away (Nasdaq:GMNews). After an intense argument she decides to literally put her foot down and drive off with her car still attached to the tow truck.

Companies should not have to worry about such ill intended and unlawful events. Tracking company vehicles not only helps businesses save money. In addition, companies both small and large benefit by protecting themselves from legal claims and keeping their drivers safe.

This incident could have injured the tow driver as well as any bystanders. With GPS tracking on the tow truck, management would be alerted right away with any truck movements that seem out of place. GPS fleet tracking can help protect companies and their employees from false accusations in situations like this. Details listed in the vehicle activity report would be able to show evidence needed for law enforcement to verify.

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