How Chad Fay Won The Fleet Safety Award 2015

Chad FLXThe 2015 Fleet Safety Conference was held last week in Schaumburg, Illinois and Chad Fay was named the winner of the annual Fleet Safety Award for 2015. Fay serves as director of Fleet Operations for the NPL Construction Company and won the award due to his proactive effort to implement innovative changes and improvements to his fleet, and specifically, to the safety of his drivers. Fay’s changes ended up being a huge success; they inspired other fleet-bearing companies to follow in NPL Construction’s footsteps, and of course, won him an award along with national recognition. But what changes did he make? The answer is simple.

Telematics! Fay led his fleet to greatness and much improved safety by installing telematics devices across NPL Construction’s entire fleet, which includes over 2,400 vehicles.

He also implemented driver behavior training through developing in-house videos and programs that address negative driver habits. Fay truly clocked the hours into his cause and there is no debate over how deserving he is of this year’s Fleet Safety Award.

It may have helped him to know that a fleet management system like FieldLogix includes driver training for free along with the full, customized data reports that telematics devices are capable of producing. Fay developed these kinds of reports on his own for each of his fleet drivers in order to help them help him achieve his goal of a 20% improvement from the first month’s final numbers.

He did far better, across the board. Everything from harsh acceleration to excessive speeding saw at least 54% improvement. His drivers improved their behavior by 80% and 90% on the safety practices that were featured in Fay’s video training program.

This not only makes the NPL Construction Company a better place to work, but also a more efficient company to run. Looks like yet another Fleet Director has seen the return on investment that occurs after taking a step toward innovation and choosing to implement telematics into their fleet.

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