Fleet Employee Caught Impersonating a Cop

handcuffs-police-lightsOne of The Erie County (N.Y.) Bureau of Fleet Services employees has been accused of impersonating a police officer in order to pull women over late at night. The man’s name is Steven Adamski. He has been identified by three different women who were allegedly pulled over by him as they drove into their neighborhood, Cedar Grove, in Cheektowaga, NY. All three women called the Cheektowaga Police Force to report Adamski’s very strange actions.

According to WIVB 4 News, Cheektowaga’s Police Lt. Brian Gould stated that “The mannerisms, the behavior of this individual sort of tipped them off that something’s not right.” Additionally, the women all reported the same exact sequence of events that occurred after being pulled over.

Adamski allegedly used a flashing blue and red light, which he had taken from his work, that read “Property of Erie County”, to pull each woman over. He identified himself as an Erie County Sheriff and then asked them all the same two questions. “Have you been drinking tonight?” and “Are you home for the night?” When they responded, he backed away from their vehicles, returned to his Chevy Cruz and sped off into the darkness.

Officers located Adamski’s car along with the illegally obtained law enforcement lights, in the same neighborhood, just minutes after being notified of the crime. He was charged with Criminal Impersonation of a Public Servant, and unlawful imprisonment which could land him up to a year in prison for each count of misdemeanor crime he is convicted of.

Adamski denies all charges and was not willing to comment on the events that took place on Friday. He has been placed on leave from his full time position at Erie County Bureau of Fleet Services.

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