GPS Trackers Let Dog Walkers Relax When Pooches Play Off-Leash

GPS Trackers are now the favorite accessory at a company offering off-leash dog walking.

Clever Canines puts each dog in a harness equipped with a GPS tracker allowing the animals to participate in a mix of on and off leash activities.  Dog walkers can walk up to 10 dogs at a time and can keep tabs of each dog on a smartphone.

The founders got the idea after a friend’s dog ran off during a walk and went missing for two days. The lightweight, waterproof harness is perfect for dogs new to the program or not well trained.

When a dog new to the program went to play with another group of dogs, they were able to locate exactly where she was, put the leash back on her, and continue with the walk.

“It’s easy. And it’s so comforting,” said co-founder Tracie Nielson. “I can sit at my desk and know exactly where the dogs are at any time. I know where the walker is, where all the dogs are and I can even help if I needed to.”

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