Cutting GPS Tracking Devices Saves Money, Could Cost Safety

Due to budget cuts, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has been removing GPS tracking system devices from paroled, known gangsters. Unfortunately, at least one of the formerly tracked, Lawrence Lamar “Poopie” Jackio, is suspected of being involved in a home invasion-robbery, turned shooting – just one day after his ankle monitoring device was removed. 

After cutting jobs and reducing other expenses, the agency still needed to save money. In an effort to save taxpayers another $6 million, 450 gang members on parole had their GPS tracking devices removed.

Local resident Kassandra Smith’s reaction about the situation sums up the community’s belief. “It’s very nerve-wracking to know that they’re just letting people run the streets.”

The Dept., however, stated that there was no way to know that Jackio would not continue to behave once the GPS tracking system was removed. He was considered a two, on a base-four risk scale, with a one being the lowest risk. Jackio maintained a steady residence and had a job. “But nothing outside of keeping someone in prison is failsafe for keeping them from committing another crime,” said Luis Patino, spokesperson for the department.

Christine Ward, executive director of the Crime Victims Action Alliance, a crime-victims group, believes “We should be outraged that our safety is going to be jeopardized because the state needs to save a buck.”

“We can cut on the side of the gang monitors, but we cannot cut on the side of the sex-offender monitors because those are mandated by law. And so we are doing what we can within the confines of the rules and the laws and the budget that we have left,” said Patino.

All involved in the shooting recovered from injuries incurred.

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