U.S. Postal Fleet Could Go Green

A recently introduced bill, the Federal Leadership Energy Efficient Transportation (FLEET) Act, would allow the USPS to use energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) to improve fleet efficiency.

The USPS operates the nation’s largest civilian fleet and using ESPC’s to improve fleet efficiency would save nearly 150 million gallons of fuel a year.

“The Postal Service is crippled by an inefficient, outdated fleet, and the vast majority of these vehicles are reaching the end of their operational lives,” says Representative Jared Huffman, who co-sponsored the bill, “The FLEET Act will help us invest in a modern, efficient Postal Service fleet. Our nation’s largest civilian fleet should serve as a global leader in efficiency and innovation.”

The FLEET Act would also require the USPS to replace aged vehicles requiring expensive maintenance and reduce tailpipe emissions.



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